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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Early Evening Forecast Discussion

Precipital water has dropped this evening to 1.84" which might explain the lack of activity along the east coast today (along with warmer 500mb temps than the past few days). But this will all change gradually during the course of Thursday and Friday.

We'll be in transition of a nil to slight favoring of the east coast Friday and especially Saturday thru Sunday, and with Bill wagging his tail (sfc trough) as he goes by it could get interesting in these parts. The impression I see is there will be a lingering trough with very light flow leaving room for a diurnally driven sfc trough to form down the spine during max heating with little flow aloft until Saturday when a strong SW flow returns to the state ... which will then favor the east coast for two days.
After that, as if this was written in's going to be back to using satellite/water vapor imagery to do mostly post-haste nowcasting as stuff will be coming off the ocean where there is no upstream data points.
In a nut shell..east coast or close to it for the weekend. Until then we'll have to succumb to the forces that be and play it on a nearly hourly basis since chances of precip will exist at any time but most likely late morning thru mid afternoon.

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