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Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Daylight Savings Time!

Image: Lola taking one of her last opportunities to snuggle in a coat before spring fully arrives

Sure gets light late in the morning now. But then again, it gets dark late too. Take the bad with the good problem. Today's discussion will be somewhat on the benign nature as there really isn't too much to get excited about. Besides, I'm tired this morning and not in much of a jocular mood. But the weather never here we go! :

SYNOPSIS: Vast area of low pressure remains pegged just off the coast of the DelMarVa region. High pressure encompasses much of the Central U.S. into the Gulf of Mexico this morning. These two features, as they did over the weekend, will be the primary weather influences for Central Florida today.

TODAY: Another classic early spring morning across all of Florida. Other than the much warmer Keys, conditions across peninsular Florida were amazingly uniform across the boards. Lows were generally in the mid-upper 50s with a pocket or two of upper 40s where winds went calm in the Big Bend region. Conditions are strikingly similar to the past two days. It was noted this morning that area profilers were not quite showing winds as strong as yesterday.

Therefore, expect today to be mostly clear with some spots of large stratocumulus clouds developing during the afternoon which will occasionally block out the sun. Winds will not be quite as gutsy (no typo) as they were over the weekend. Expect that by the core of the afternoon they will be WNW at 18mph with a few gusts over open water areas to 22mph. The high temperature will be 71 degrees.

TONIGHT: Increase in some high cirrus clouds whisping over near or after sunset as the subtropical jet realigns its trajectory. Winds will wind down significantly after dark to the 5-10mph range. Lows once again in the mid-upper 50s.

TOMORROW: The low pressure area will begin to drift just south of due east. Lower values (height falls) of the 500mb-700mb layer will results as a fresh influx of cooler air filters south behind the circulation of the low pressure system. Thus, high tomorrow a tad cooler at 69 degrees under partly cloudy skies. Wind will become WNW-NW at 10-15mph during the afternoon. Decreasing to 5-8mph by or shortly after sunset.

WEDNESDAY: Increasing high clouds under a partly cloudy sky accompanied by a 68 degree high temperature. Increasing clouds throughout the day with a chance of rain after 2pm and lasting throughout the night. At time rain chances might be called out thru the media as high as 40%...I don't use percentages so I'll leave it at that there is a true reality that it could rain...and maybe even rumble a bit any time from 4pm Wednesday through 7am Thursday. Low near 53 degrees through Thursday's sunrise.
THURSDAY: Clearing by 10am and cooler. High of 67 degrees with very light north winds.

FRIDAY: A few scattered clouds with a low of 52 and a high again near 67 with light and variable winds. Possibly an onshore component wind (c-breeze) developing by mid afternoon to affect only the area east of the Banana River. If this does occur coastal temperatures could fall a tad during the mid-late afternoon to 65 degrees. Cool again Friday night with a low again near 53.

THE WEEKEND: Much warmer and nice! We will be in the phase where it will be warming but the next system (which will be approaching)...will yet to be close enough to impact us directly. Other than some partly cloudy skies it could very well be the first pronounced 'warmish' period of the early spring season with a high in the mid 70s and lows in the upper 50s. In other words totally uneventful.

NEXT MONDAY: A storm system might be realized at this point which will bring cause to introduce rain chances back into the forecast for one day only. More to come on that scenario later in the week.
-Steve Sponsler

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