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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Potential for a Strong but Isolated Storm or Two Late Interior

Anticrepuscular "God" Rays - Cape Canaveral Florida this morning
TODAY: If the KSC morning sounding is to be believed, the temperature at both the 500 and 700 mb levels has fallen a degree or two from yesterday. This morning there are no showers with thunder well offshore which could spread anvil debris across Central Florida and thus inhibiting to a small degree afternoon heating (other than one that was near the coast near Ormond Beach). In those regards, suspect that the sea breezes might be a bit more active at collision time with the prospects of a healthy near side shore one for East Central after 5pm. With better inland heating, more instability should be able to amass  over Central Florida particularly which was covered with the cirrus debris yesterday. Motion near to north of I-4 is more toward the NE which  might be enable a storm to overcome  its way toward the coast  if any activity  is to be found worth merit that far north... 

FRIDAY: Not much change. The mid-level low that had been over the Northern Gulf is retrograding yet still and being absorbed into the synoptic scale (large scale) upper trough forming over Canada but to work it's way deeper south as it drifts east through the weekend with an attendant cold front. As a result of the retrograding and dissipating low circulation, the Atlantic Ridge axis is reasserting itself across South Central near Lake Okeechobee and little is forecast to change through the weekend with only daily variations in the overall moisture layout  and timing of sea breeze initiations and collisions dictating the shower/thunderstorm when and where occurrences. 

WEEKEND: A cold front will be approaching the state over the weekend and could make it as far south as I-4 by Wednesday or later Tuesday. Until that time continued variations of the same theme on a daily basis, and likely each day will have a trick up its sleeve. 

No two days are alike though it seems to all be the same when one remains dry day after day as might be the case for many people that are on the coasts (though even they might see some rain, especially late as debris clouds might work eastward as the sea breeze relaxes and retreats).

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