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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Very Isolated Storms Possible Late, But Strong

Image: A cluster of thunderstorms lines up along I95 Last Summer

SYNOPSIS: Much drier air aloft has moved in to replace yesterday's soggy air mass. There's is still yet some approaching moisture arriving late this afternoon with a pocket of very cool air aloft. As this area moves in very late this afternoon, a chance of an isolated very strong storm could develop along the east coast sea breeze along and east of I-95. Yesterday, Patrick Air Force Base recorded a wind gust of 60mph during the mid-afternoon storms that rolled through the county.

TODAY: Partly cloudy today with temperatures running their ever so steady level as in the past week or two. A light SW wind this morning will give way to a light sea breeze by noon or shortly thereafter. For the most part, today will be very nice and uneventful. Things could get interesting from Vero-Titusville and points east of there after 4 or 5pm as the sea breezes collide and a pocket of cooler, moist air aloft arrives overhead. South of Vero -Miami expect a much greater coverage of storms any time beginning early afternoon.

If a storm can manage to pop in the Brevard and Indian River County area, it could be quite strong. However, any such storms, if they even do develop at all, will be quite isolated...especially compared to yesterday where just about everyone received at least some measurable precipitation.

WEDNESDAY: Still a very small chance of a rain shower or thunderstorm very late in the day along the sea breeze collision, but the chance tomorrow will be even lower than the low chance of today. Needless to say, no outside activities should need to be replanned as it more likely than not that we will see no rain tomorrow afternoon/evening.

THURSDAY-WEEKEND: Temperatures remaining normal for this time of year, as has been the case the past week. Rain chances running in the very low to none probabilty range.

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