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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Super Duper" Nice Today

(Image courtesy of UCAR: Depicts Wednesday at 7am - 1/20/2010)

Pockets of fog have developed across Central Florida this morning...but they will soon be a faded memory by NLT 9.00am. The cirrus clouds of yesterday are pulling out as the jet streak associated with our last storm system pulls further away from the U.S. Unlike yesterday's cirrostratus from hell, today's sky should be nearly clear all day with a much lighter wind. The center of surface high pressure will remain just to our NW today...which I believe will preclude the dreaded 'cold' sea breeze today...except for maybe very late in the day. High today will reach 67 degrees under full sun and very light NNW wind. If things 'heat' up enough over the landmass one can't totally discount a late afternoon seabreeze, however I believe that scenario is more like to materialize on Wednesday.

Tonight-Wednesday: The high pressure will drift east and be placed directly upon us by daybreak tomorrow as depicted in the image. This will result in another cool morning with nearly calm winds. Heating will be abundant again tomorrow, however, it appears that after an initial climb to near 70 degrees, the temperature will drop back to the mid-60s by early afternoon under just a few scattered clouds along the coast. From Merritt Island and points west the temperature will remain at or just above 70. Thus, it will be a good 5 degrees warmer west of the Banana River.

Thursday: As expected, the surface low associated with the next system is now forecast to track further north than was earlier depicted which will put a damper on any significant weather to affect Central Florida in the mid-Thursday to mid-Friday time frame. However, it does appear that return Southerly flow ahead of this system along with low level moisture already in place will be enough to generate some good cloud cover and perhaps some rain showers by late in the day. Thunderstorms seem like a good bet on a Brooksville-Daytona Beach Line and points north, some of which may be strong. For the most part Central Florida will dodge the bullet.
This day will be one of our warmest for the next week with a high in the mid-upper 70s.

Friday: As it stands now, the front really won't pass through as much as it will be stretched in an east-west fashion across the peninsula then fizzle. Any clouds and rain that might have materialized in the area late Thursday/Thursday night will be out of the picture by early afternoon. The wind should be out of a west to NW component providing for another day in the mid-70s under clearing skies.
Saturday: Our official high temperature forecast for Saturday might be over done by up to 10 degrees! High pressure that builds in the wake of our passing system will ridge down the Appalachins producing an onshore wind trajectory. Saturday could actually be a cool day (temperature wise) ...again, especially along the coast. We will also already by setting up for yet another system, courtesy of the desert southwest, as the wind becomes more southeasterly and eventually southerly. It is this system that will likely haved produced some flooding rains in Arizona on Thursday, of all places. As is now becoming painfully apparent, any onshore wind equates to much cooler conditions within 5 miles of the coast. This will be the rule of thumb through March. In the meantime, areas west of the Banana River will continue to experience significantly different conditions (i.e., warmer by 5-9 degrees).

Heading into early next week: UH OH! It's starting to look like the 'generic last week of January' is going to hold true to form. Drat! That means, it will be much cooler to nearly cold. For how long and how cold? Too early to say...but if all the cards fall in place as one would climatologically could be a good week of jacket weather again. Don't pack the coats to the very back of the closet just yet.

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