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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is an Amendment to today's forecast post for the period "TODAY":
Include during the remaining daylight hours of today the chance of rainshowers and Isolated thunderstorms. Early morning model runs are now indicating a second boundary which may produce enough lift combined with unquestionably enough moisture for such to manifest with the heating of the day.
NOTE: This was my original thinking of what would happen for today which is why I had rain chances in the post made yesterday. I amended that one to take rain chances out; however, it does not seem prudent to re-introduce rain chances back in (after I had amended to take them out).
We are not talking wash out conditions by any means, but I also didn't want anyone to believe that there was no way it could rain again today, namely because the possibility is still quite real.
Geesh...when will I learn to trust my own initial gut feelings. This is often the bane of a storm chasers existence too! 
Good day to all who read this and stay dry.

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"We Heard Thunder...."

Images: Depict the thunderstorm from very early this morning from a variety of perspectives as well as show the location of the small surface low pressure area and a forecast plat from the RUC model

"I heard thunder, but there's no rain....this kind of thunder break wall on window pane" - The Prodigy

Interesting mini-mini-event early this morning as a thunderstorm prompted a special weather statement regarding the concern for funnel clouds which occurred mainly between 4-4:30 a.m. in the Viera area. The possibility for thunder was mentioned yesterday, so this did not come as a total surprise. Otherwise, most areas received what appears to be about 1/4" of rain or thereabouts early this Wednesday morning.

SYNOPSIS: Axis of low pressure and small surface low over east central Florida will all push east today as high pressure over the Gulf of Mexico quickly builds east on its heals across the region late this morning into the afternoon hours

TODAY: Cloudiness and possibility a weak patch of a sprinkle will pass overhead during the remainder of the predawn hours and up until nearly noon time. Winds will be light initially but eventually become west right about the time clearing will commence. Because of the early cloudiness some of our heating of the day will be hampered but no entirely. Thus, we can expect a high much like it's been in previous days...or actually warmer! Why? Because we will not have a sea breeze today. YEAH! Thus, we should see just about 80 degrees today under gradually clearing skies. By sunset there will be only a few scrapplings in the sky.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear with a low in the mid 60s along the coast and closer to 60 working west of I-95.

THURSDAY - SATURDAY: Clear to partly cloudy with a high around 80-84 degrees with light winds. Coolest close to the Atlantic waters. Lows gradually warming and approaching 70 right along the coast and mid 60s well inland.

SUNDAY -TUESDAY: Okay, time to get flaky again. Another system will be approaching the area...but I think we'll eke out Sunday (and thus the weekend) for the most part before any rain hits. The next system may introduce yet again a chance of the wet stuff...but the ingredients for Monday and Tuesday are just now beginning to impact the U.S. West Coast, so let's leave that for a better time when a possibly more affirmative assertion as to it effects can be determined.

For now, suffice it to say it looks like we could get some rain on Monday; however, not expecting a big impact to temperatures. OH...and talking about temperatures....we should warm up significantly over the weekend into Monday. In fact, the coast could see 87 degrees by Monday!

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