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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Next Rain / Storm Chance: Wednesday (?)

TODAY - SUNDAY: Gradual warming trend will be in place with cool mornings. On shore winds could result in some clouds closer toward the coast with warmer overnight lows at the immediate beaches south of The Cape beginning Sunday Morning. Clocks to be dialed forward one hour tonight;  it will getting light outside 'later' according to the clock but also dark later for the same reason from tomorrow to October. 

MONDAY-TUESDAY: These two days appear will be the warmest ones in the next week for the most part (at least so far). A 'short -wave' trough will be ejecting across the North Central Gulf toward Florida as winds locally become more predominantly SW . The coast  might not see a sea breeze one or both days. Otherwise, highs in the upper 70Fs to lower 80Fs and maybe some mid 80Fs interior South Florida. With a wimpy sea breeze, the beaches will remain in the lower to mid 70Fs, but warmer south of Ft. Pierce where ocean temperatures are warmer due to the closer proximity of the warmer Gulf Stream waters.

TUESDAY NIGHT/WEDNESDAY: Short-wave impulse extending to 20,000 ft. with a reflection there (at 500mb) with the trough perhaps slightly negatively tilted which is more favorable for strong storm activity, but jet stream winds will not be as strong as the other day. Regardless, some bulk and directional shear is noted to increase after midnight Tuesday night from West to East Sides mainly south of I-4 (at least as far as the GFS has shown for several model runs). This is the same disturbance that was mentioned a few posts ago, but which was also referenced in the last one as no longer showing up, but that it might show up in later model runs, and that it has done. Originally 'scheduled' for a Tuesday, it's now Wednesday and not nearly the threat as was first presented.

BEYOND: Only subtle ups and down with near normal temperatures and little to no chance of rains. The GFS is hinging at onshore winds making for some eastern side 'cloudy' days, at least mornings, but the GFS does have a tendency to over do such, but either way, no true weather impacts temperature, wind, or rain wise is foreseen for quite sometime outside of the "Wednesday Time Frame".


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