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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

More Cool To Cold Days Ahead

(Image: The palm and vine, back when they were green. After this winter it's all brown now)

Cold start for most everywhere this morning across Central Florida except the extreme east central portion (along/east of A1A). For instance, while Melbourne was 40 degrees Canaveral and Patrick AFB were 51. All areas as far south as Miami were colder than the immediate vicinity. But shortly after sunrise everyone caught up and have since equaled out with temps in the upper 50s for the most part.

TODAY: Far from stellar...but for a winter day one can't complain. Lots of high clouds today continue streaming overhead as of 1pm..right at max heating time. Therefore, the high temperature today will struggle to make it out of the lower 60s. There is a weak surface 'bubble' low of the coast which will have just enough influence to keep the winds backed to the NNE until after sunset, but they will remain very light. Circulation around this low will continue to filter in the cool air well after sunset.

TONIGHT: Continued light NNE-NE wind all night, but not as cold. Inland will be 5-10 degrees warmer than this morning was. The immediate coast will be warmer too, but not quite as significantly so.

TOMORROW: After a warmer start to the morning...the afternoon will be pleasant as well. But not as nice as one could hope. Thinking now is that it will be cooler than previously thought with a high in the low 70s under filtered sunlight. Clouds will be on the increase by mid-light afternoon as the next system approaches but we should remain dry during the daylight areas. The west coast from Tampa north..and the panhandle are much more likely to see some rain though before sunset.

TUESDAY OVERNIGHT/WEDNESDAY: It's likely that the warmest time during this period will be around 2am..yup, in the middle of the night. Clouds will thicken up...and a cooling rain will make the overnight hours potentially crummy but good for sleeping. I'm seeing some possibility of thunder with the system on TV...but I don't see it. The cold front will have likely already passed by sunrise...and strong cold air advection will be in full force during the day, Wednesday. The temperature is unlikely to rise much at all (if even) during the day...and the WNW-NW winds gusting to 20-25mph will make it feel even colder than the sub-60 degrees we'll have all day. NOT FUN. Clouds should be on the wane as we work toward noon time at least. But it's going to be a true winter day. But no freezing temperatures at least.

THURSDAY-FRIDAY: Continue the cold streak sums it up. No appreciable warming for quite some time. Even just prior to the next front's arrival near Saturday we won''t warm up all so great. Essentially, I'm preparing for lows in the 40s and highs in the 50s...eventually the 60s by Friday. Inland areas can make those morning lows in the 30s though.

SEVERE WEATHER: At this time, it seems unlikely. We were too stable in prior fronts to generate severe weather here, and this time we look to be even more stable. Would like to at least hear a thunder rumble...but for now I would be very wary of placing any bets on that possibility. All in all...typical El Nino weather. Very cool...periodic cloudy spurts...and benign.

Did I mention, after Tuesday Night's and Saturday's System there'll be another one already formulating in the western Gulf with its eyes on us once.... again? For shame.

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