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Friday, September 6, 2013

Sky Sanctums: Photo Edition of Beach Scenes in Cape Canaveral


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Strong Storms Possible Interior / West after 4PM

Cape Canaveral , Florida Sunrise
TODAY: A mid-level and upper level trough with colder air aloft is sliding from north to south down the state today. Sea breeze progression inland and cold air aloft with plenty of sun and moderately strong instability should be able to set off some strong storms today with tiny hail and wind gusts upward to 53 mph in the strongest (but isolated activity) as it works south and west and then meets the west coast sea breeze late today toward I-75 , with a strong storm or two toward interior Osceola County / Polk   and Lake Counties toward Ocala (perhaps).

SATURDAY: Much the same scenario although activity will be mostly limited to a line along and south of Cape Canaveral toward Hernando County and South (inland and west side)...and much of the Lake Okeechobee region and everglades, as the mid -level trough pictured above will by then lie across the Central of the state. A few early day showers possible along the east coast as well.

SUNDAY - THURSDAY: On shore flow and steering continues as high pressure now over the east central U.S. moves east and North and gets reinforced  This will mean little change for  the Florida east coast weather other than the chance of early morning showers, although there are some days early next week that it appears even that chance will flat line at zero chance as some drier air works in with low level ENE -NE winds during the afternoons. Most of the dry air will be limited to the mid-upper levels, with continued highs in the 80Fs along the coast and some lower 90Fs inland and humid ground weather.

TROPICS: Although some small disturbances and a formerly named system no defunct are in the works, at this time no models indicate any significant tropical activity worth noting in regard to the Florida or even U.S. landmass impacts.

Cocoa Beach Pier, September 5 at Sunrise
Walk and Bike Path, Port Canaveral Florida

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