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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pleasantly Cool Today, Warming Through Late Week

Cold front (shown in blue) cleared state over-night. Red arrows indicate jet stream level winds (Above 25, 000 ft in general). Light Blue shows mid-late afternoon wind coming off very cool Atlantic Ocean waters to impact coast as far south as the Outer Barrier Island of Brevard (A1A). The closer to the dunes, the cooler. A few high clouds could pass over anytime, most notably toward late afternoon/dusk.

TODAY: On track with previous post, mornings lows are mostly in the mid-50Fs to near 60F+ (South Central and South), with near 70F Keys. Otherwise, as can be seen, the cold front has cleared the state. Jet stream level winds will be in play all week through and into the weekend, for which case, we can easily speculate that some increased high level clouds working overhead at anytime are possible...but timing as to when is as good as written on water, an open book. Otherwise, winds from the NW this morning will gradually veer toward the north late morning and then NNE-NE later today. With cold ocean waters at bay, the immediate A1A corridor will likely and most notably receive the full impact of the cool winds as far south as Eau Gallie Causeway or Melbourne Causeway, specifically from Cape Canaveral and north. Otherwise cooler the entire north portion of the state from near I-4 and north. Light winds.

TUESDAY: Winds overnight will continue to veer to easterly and southeasterly overnight tonight and on Tuesday. As such, overnight lows inland will be allowed to fall under the normal diurnal cycle, but immediate coastal temperatures will remain in the lower 60Fs, so a fair trade works in on that regard in the temperature fields. Tomorrow's highs should reach into the lower-mid 70Fs many areas, with again the immediate coasts being the coolest, specifically from Canaveral and north.

WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY: Cool all locations (50Fs) early morning most areas Central and North as winds become Southwest (cool morning land-breeze); on the other hand, warmer in the afternoons through Friday or even Saturday.

The next front is forecast sometime in the Saturday time frame early on, but timing will likely be an issue as will rain chances. Best gander guestimate in the forecast realm is that despite the models showing rain chances, suspect those will dwindle down to only being noteworthy north of I-4 if not even further north than that.  Watching though in any case for late week forecasts . 

This is the going trend heading into the first week of March, but hold tight, it gets very fishy toward the entire first week of that month. Sketching traces in the sand, and waiting for the tide to wash them away on any wave is the course at this point, so not to build the sandcastles on baseless uncertainty.

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