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Monday, May 1, 2017

True Shower Coverage -Even Thunder - Possible At Long Last

Canaveral Pea Fowl in the scrub
TODAY: At long last after such a dry April (other than a few random showers) we have a 'bona fide' chance for showers, even thunder possible on this first day of May 2017. Granted, no 'drought breakers' are foreseen this week but can't hurt. Only 'threat' might be if a random lightning strike were to hit on parched ground, resulting in brush fire.

Otherwise, increasing deep south to south west flow will import some greater moisture through the lower levels into the mid-atmospheric levels as the day wears on as a front approaches the Florida Panhandle. The greatest chance for thunder is across the panhandle where the SPC (Storm Prediction Center) has outlined a marginal risk for severe weather.  Not sure how well that will pan out at least for the day light hours given the cloud cover over the region at time. Better chance up that way appears to be after dark from near Tallahassee and east along the front itself.

Meanwhile, increasing south to south southwest flow in advance of the front over peninsular Florida..and moisture convergence with ample instability and cooler air aloft should be enough to set off some convergence lines of showers mainly across the east half of the state from Daytona and South as the east coast sea breeze attempts to manifest and press inland. A remote thunderstorm possible, with the better chance of thunder appearing to be for Indian River, St Lucie, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties later in the day, possibly even a stronger one or two.

TONIGHT: As front works south the rain chance might again increase , particularly for Brevard County after midnight and before sunrise. 

TUESDAY: Tuesday might dawn for areas of Brevard / Osceola/Indian River Counties (mainly) with rain showers in the area, though nothing particularly strong, if even thunder. Rain could be occurring in the area up through noon time before the boundary shifts further south. Best chance of shower/thunder going into Tuesday afternoon will again be  Indian River, St Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach Counties and southward to Dade.

WEDNESDAY: Easterly flow with little to no chance of rain much of anywhere but toward the west coast of the state.

THURSDAY/FRIDAY: Another front will approach the area with the better chances of rain it appears to be North half of State, with Central getting its dose on Friday - though will likely need to revisit these days as they get closer.

WEEKEND: Weekend looks dry both days and pleasant with temperatures near normal with lows in the 60Fs and highs in the lower to mid 80Fs southern interior. Continues to look dry for quite some time to come as well.

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