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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh So Serious Cirrus (Seriously?)

("Now Showing!"... all about a down storm chasing day somewhere in Texas..I think)
That sums it up for today and tomorrow. High level cirrus clouds associated with both the southern branch jet stream (not to be confused with the Gulf Stream) and the ever diffusing frontal boundary in the vicinity of the Florida Panhandle. High pressure is bridging the gap and cutting right through the boundary which will only go to continue its assertion over our weather through Friday. Thus, a no holds barred no precipitation forecast is in place with a high along the coast near 77 degrees with winds 10mph or less out of more or less a north to northeast direction. I think the high temperature will be a held down a degree or two due to both the wind coming off water and high clouds cutting out the strongest beams of sun during the critical hours of max heating.

Not much change for tomorrow either other than that the high clouds might not be as prevalent. Otherwise, tempted to not even bother with a post tomorrow...hmm..if it wasn't for the fact that the next 'weather' system (note I didn't refer to it as a 'storm' system)...comes into play Saturday. This system has actually not even developed yet, but has been in the forecast models' calculations for a couple of days now. At this time, it appears that, given such a system does develop, that its influence will not be sensed in our area until later Saturday. This will be mainly in the form of the winds coming from a much more southerly direction and ever present high and mid level clouds. But for the most part, this next system appears as if the only part of the state that will truly realize its existence will be along the latitude of Gainesville and points north of there.

Temperature wise, no changes...even after the system moves on by. It appears that our warmest day for the immediate coast could be Sunday when we lose the sea breeze just ahead of the system...but that will be short-lived and a return to a NNE flow will quickly be re-established with very moderate, seasonable temperatures to prevail. The thing is, even though the wind direction would favor some warmer air here, that could very well be offset by thicker cloud coverage. So it all averages out in the wash. As for rain, with the area from Gainesville north to see the greatest likely hood of seeing any wouldn't hurt to throw in a CYA chance anytime closer to home from after sunset Saturday through all of Sunday...for 'excitement' purposes. But for the most part any rain, at this point, will be of the light and widely scattered variety. Nothing worth changing plans over. But this is going to be watched, contingent upon the evolution of the yet to exist system.

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