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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Early Onset" Day for Most - Some Strong Wind Gusts Possible

"The Lone Cabbage" Storm On Tuesday (Prolific Lightning Maker)
TODAY: No change from yesterday's line of thinking. A sea breeze is unlikely as the deep layer trough over the Eastern U.S. makes it's best dig at the Deep South, prodding a cold front diagonally down Georgia into the Florida Panhandle later today. A secondary system to form in the Southern Plains will help reinforce the overall synoptic scale pattern on Thursday when again a sea breeze might be hard to come by.

Showers and storms are already on the march across the state, with the big question being what will happen after the first round of showers/storms marches across. The area that will destabilize the most has a better chance of a stronger storm mainly due to wind gusts along the leading edge and during the heaviest rain portions of the storms/showers. Best divergence aloft is over Central and North Central, but part of this area is already getting worked over prior to noon time. 

 The Severe Threat is Low but perhaps more toward the Interior and  East Coast (but very isolated if so)
The scheme of things points more to rains, then cloudy with more rains, and maybe a regeneration much later in the day as the wind fields become more favorable by 6pm tonight for stronger storms, but by that time the atmosphere might have been overly stabilized to make it worth much.

Some Impressive Cloud to Ground (CG) Lightning Bolts
were coming from this Swamp Hogger

TOMORROW: Not digging too much into tomorrow and beyond as Thursday looks like it might be lacking in the sea breeze rankings as well. Friday into Saturday are a pattern shift as the front washes out while being broken up and forced down the state by what might be low pressure forming east of the state (Florida being on the descendant back side as well as the descendant front side of high pressure to build over the eastern Gulf). 

That means, on Saturday it could be dry many areas but near Far Southwest Florida, though not entirely so.

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