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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today's Menu: Surf n' Turf

At the beach: Photographers, surfers, tourists, and locals all here to see the big surf and experience extremely dangerous rip tides. What a blast! (ya gotta click on'm to get the full effect)

What a great day, huh?! Not often we have a "Surf-n-Turf" day, when there's the best of both worlds! Went down to 27th St. in S. Cocoa Beach to try the hand at surf video/photography but was too early. The sun was right in my face and the glare off the ocean made it virtually impossible to see anything let alone the surfers who were ripping the waves apart at my old stomping grounds -- the waves were about 2-4 ft overhead, clean, glassy with decent form. If I had half a brain, I'd be back there even now, but I don't want to drive thru all the traffic to do it. And by this time of day on a beautiful Saturday as it is..there WILL be traffic on A1A. So I took some photos at the beach here. The waves in Cape Canaveral as a golden rule are general 2-4 ft smaller and don't have the form. Maybe next time I'll go south at the right time, and there will be lots more "next times" into fall when I can focus on the surf and the thunderstorms have gone away..and it usually works that way ;-). That's one thing about the small wave surfing capital of the U.S. - "my surf, my beach, my wave."
Today ("The Turf"): Deep layer mean (DLM) WSW flow is beginning to set camp over Central Florida, DLM other than a nice little seabreeze that should set up by early afternoon --the magic ingredient. The preciptable water values from TPA did not come in super encouraging, and it looked like there was a slight cap at 700mb. However, I believe that given lots of ample heating which we will have today that things will start to ramp up after 2pm and march toward the coast. Hopes are in the "high" range for a good "gustfronting" upon the area today! We may even keep that light seabreeze pinned close to the coast. I can't imagine a better set up. This could be a classic.

(The "Surf") Meanwhile over at the beach lots of energy is being generated by Bill in the form of long, deep swells generating powerful waves and great surf! Nice and glassy this morning with a 5 mph offshore wind and about 2-4 feet overhead surf at S. 27th St. in Cocoa Beach. Watch out by noon time during the outgoing tide though. It's likely the swells are digging trenches in the ocean floor which will serve as foci for strong undertow/rip currents as the tide pulls out... and indeed the NWS is calling for the extremist of conditions today. Given it's the weekend I wouldn't be surprised to hear of up to 100 rescues oout of Volusia, Brevard, and Indian River Counties. It seems so much like a June day today. I just can't believe it. Hey, you can join the fun. Just click under the videos to the right where you see the blue sky..a virtual drive up A1A :p

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