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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Early Storms Already In Progress Mid-Morning

TODAY: Quick Post. As noted yesterday, today would take on 'the flavor' of yesterday and sure enough early day activity is in full swing with some stronger storms possible first along the west coast due to winds gusts (with some frequent lightning) working south into early-mid afternoon. This 'area' will also release the chance of some stronger storms across South Central/South possibly near the Big Lake zone along the Lake Shadow as day time heating will have had much more time to accumulate by the time the 'instigating impulse' reaches that area.

Not everyone will see rain today, worth nothing -- the East Coast especially north of Vero Beach is 'suspect' even early on today. Chances are there will be a 'shift in character' to the current activity by noon to 1pm but by then the chance of East Coast rains north of Vero will have already passed. Regardless, could still see some stronger wind gusts with rains. Will also watch for re-development for the zone of North Brevard and north toward Volusia/I-4 later this afternoon if substantial clearing can occur after the earlier festivities.

SUNDAY: Watching for stronger storms North Central / Central (interiors). The NAM is fairly consistent with strong VVs (vertical Velocities) in the presence of generous by August standards EHI (Cape/Helicity Indexes); however, it has been bouncing around with the GFS bickering for anything from strong storms to very little at all. Therefore, it is still a bit uncertain at this point in regard to the strong storm chances unless the NAM keeps squawking out some of its bizarre fore- sights


LATER SUNDAY  or INTO MONDAY-TUESDAY: Could see a break in the action until the next front approaches. After that point it starts to take on semblances of last weeks rain-daze events minus all the moisture. Either way, a return to more storms by mid-late week next week as well.

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