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Friday, November 19, 2010

No Big Temperature Cool Down 'Til After Thanksgiving

(Image: High pressure dominates the eastern U.S. Coast today and tomorrow (except parts of Maine). Shown is the NAM based forecast for this afternoon, indicating an ENE breeze off of gradually modifying waters of the Atlantic to overspread the state from the east. Florida and the extreme SE U.S. stays high and dry as parts of the state remains in drought).

TODAY: High pressure has built down the entire U.S. East coast (other than parts of Maine) as a second cold front cleared the state late yesterday. Skies cleared rapidly over Central Portions around 12-1pm as the front moved south and north winds picked up a tick or two. Such will be the case today as well as winds veer more toward the NE-ENE and weaken a small bit within an hour or two after sunset. It will be a nice night for a rocket launch, if it can permissibly make the lift off no holds barred.

TONIGHT - SATURDAY: A mild night overall tonight with maybe a few clouds. Light ENE-E winds will gradually moisten the lowest levels of the atmosphere so that with full day light we could see considerably more clouds than what will be present today. Heck, by later in the afternoon we could see an isolated coastal sprinkle over any Eastern side city, but they should be wide spread if at all existent.

SATURDAY NIGHT- SUNDAY: East winds and mild afternoon temperatures. Lows in the low-mid 60s right at the coast and cooler inland with afternoon highs just below or at 80F degrees. It should be noted at this point that the NAM model is painting a possibly wet period for Brevard and Indian River Counties on Saturday, but as always seems to be the case, this is probably well over done. So in essence, the weather will be pretty much the same old status quo of past days of recent times with a sprinkle possible. We'll have to be watching this though.

SUNDAY-THANKSGIVING: No cold fronts. Just a continued marine-influenced type pattern with mildly cool nights and pleasantly warm afternoon temperatures with chances of rain decreasing even more Monday-Wednesday. Thanksgiving looks like it will be pretty nice, with maybe some marine stratocumulus.

There could be a big change in store for the days following Thanksgiving Thursday. Meaning, a prolonged period of very cool weather after one day of decent rain chances. We can nail down the details though as that time draws nigh.

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