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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chance of a Thunderstorm Tomorrow?!!

Photo: An early morning full moon
SYNOPSIS: High pressure is centered just off the east central Florida coast early this morning before sunrise. The high will strengthen and gradually shift east during the course of the next 48 hours.  Meanwhile, the old frontal boundary that passed through the other day resides just south of the Florida straits. This boundary will begin to move north and enter Central Florida on Friday.  Steering winds aloft will continue out of the west.
TODAY: Just some high cirrus clouds again today with a light north wind initially but veering during the course of the day. During the majority of the day the wind will be  east to ESE...but veer even more to SE by day's end. Very pleasant with a high near 77 along the coast with the wind at 10mph or less.
TONIGHT: A few high clouds but otherwise uneventful with a SSE wind at 5mph or less. Low near 70 along the coast and a few degrees cooler west of the Banana River.
FRIDAY: Partly cloudy with a breezy south wind of 10-20mph.  The old boundary that is sitting over the Florida Straits will have shifted north toward Central Florida and will become the focus for a chance of showers or even a thunderstorm by mid-late afternoon. Kind of hard to believe.  It should be noted that not all the forecast models agree on the thunderstorm scenario as of last we'll see what happens. No severe weather is yet expected, but an isolated thunderstorm can have a mind of its it could get interesting.  High on Friday near 84 degrees.
SATURDAY AND BEYOND: The story for this period is going to be the very warm to hot temperatures! High close to 90 even along the coast by Monday...and with dew points in the low 70s we could be seeing heat indices approaching 100 inland....stay safe out there with the heat and sun during the weekend and into early next week folks...don't get TOO sun burnt!!

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