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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Increasing On-Shore Wind (East Coast) - Cloud Cover - Irregular High TIdes

"Irregular" High Tides - November 2013 (Before Beach Refurbishment)

TODAY- WEDNESDAY: Post frontal air mass modification quickly in motion as high pressure center moves from the Deep South toward the Carolina Coast into Wednesday eventually to near Nova Scotia by Friday.  On-shore east coast NE wind could well increase later today through Wednesday as the 2000 ft level winds are forecast to increase to 30kts (32 mph) later today. Some of that wind could work to the surface near to after peak heating resulting in gusts to near 34mph  today or simply increase the cloud cover.

As expected there is a broad temperature spread from east coast to west coast. The warmest temperatures were found near the immediate coast from the Cape and South. Patrick AFB in Cocoa Beach was warmer than the observing station in Miami which is located further from the ocean. 

As previously highlighted, the 'typical' warm spot in the Contingent U.S. in the winter (in the morning) outside of strong cold front passages is oft from Cape Canaveral and south along the A1A strip to Key West in the presence of nearly any onshore flow no matter what the strength of it.

This afternoon temperatures should not climb all that much especially near the east coast if the cloud deck increases due to the lower sun angle this time of year  combined with the placement of the aforementioned high pressure center -  highs eking into the lower 70Fs or upper 60Fs (cooler north of I-4).

Some sample temperatures at 5 AM were:

Crestview: 30F
Tallahassee:  41F
Jacksonville: 43F
Orlando International: 53F
Okeechobee: 52F
Ocala: 46F
Patrick AFB - Ft Pierce: 68F -69F  ****
Tampa Area: 52F
Punta Gorda: 52F
Ft Myers: 55F
Key West: 69F  *****
Miami: 63F
West Palm: 70F

Infrared Satellite Image Reveals During Overnight Hours the Extent of Clouds
Looming off the Florida East Coast

WEDNESDAY-THANKSGIVING: Wind will remain gusty at times with steady onshore flow continuing. Full Moon is Wednesday into Early Thursday. Seasonal and astronomical High tides run quite high in combination as noted from the headline image from two years ago in the Fall. This event was followed by prolific sea weed coverage as well. 

Chance of sprinkles could begin late today into tonight but little more than that, if even. By Wednesday and more so Thursday chance of measurable amounts could occur though it will be very spotty and most areas will not see the showers. No one location appears will be completely immune from the rain chances though except the panhandle region.

Sunrise temperatures both days near 70F east coast and cooler inland. Afternoon highs in the mid-upper 70Fs contingent upon cloud coverage.

FRIDAY-WEEKEND: Though wind for a time might even back more toward the NNE eventually they will become straight east into the weekend  most notably  into Monday morning. Warmer temperatures fully along the lines of round the clock 70Fs to lower 80Fs begins by Saturday and/or Sunday most areas but will have already begun along the east coast on Wednesday morning. 

The next frontal passage is anticipated to be weak and of less temperature influence than the previous front, with guidance implying the next heavy rain/storm chance to be a full week after Thanksgiving. 

'Warm' again the first few days of next week !!

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