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Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day To Yield Circular Areal Coverage of Pleasant Florida Weather Across the Radius

Like a Barbershop Quartet these Hibiscus Blooms Sang in Four Part Harmony this morning, celebrating Pi Day and  the bounty of sunshine to continue today with very comfortable temperatures round the clock

So what does that title of today's post mean anyway? Today's date is March 14th (3.14.... =  Pi). In a mathematical notation, it looks like the image below. This 'constant' (when rounded off to 3.14) is used in innumerable mathematical equations in all walks of science, including meteorology, the most common of which perhaps is the calculation made to determine the area of a circle (pi times the radius squared). Bored with the weather to resort to this discussion?..."Oh Pi, Yes!":

TODAY: Surface ridge axis across the South Central peninsula at the surface and across North Central in the mid-levels today through Tuesday. Net effect, near calm wind at night and light land breeze toward daybreak through mid/late morning all of North Central and North Florida with sea breezes both coasts in the afternoon. Near clear skies with some patches of stratocumulus perhaps advecting on shore only South Florida/Keys. Later today, could start to see some high cirrus clouds passing over Central and North Florida toward mid-late afternoon, not affecting South Florida. Temperatures running in the lower 70Fs along A1A north of Ft. Pierce, with perhaps some mid-70s prior to delayed onset of sea breeze. Otherwise, upper 70s / low 80Fs interior everywhere. Warmest SW interior Florida.

TUESDAY: Really not much change, except the surface ridge axis will relax a bit further south as a weak disturbance moves through Georgia approaching the Mid-Atlantic. Patchy ground fog over night interior. More clouds again likely tomorrow, mostly of the high cirrus variety.  Warmest over SW Florida running the diagonal line through Orlando to Jacksonville. Might not get a sea breeze from Daytona Beach and north to JAX tomorrow with a stronger SW flow. Delayed sea breeze more likely tomorrow East Central, so looking for some mid-upper 70s here tomorrow. Otherwise, little change for Southeast Florida where coastal temperatures will be just below 80F, hitting the mark along and west of I-95.

WEDNESDAY: Little change continues the regime. Looks now like a good chance of a  late afternoon line of cumulus will form on this afternoon (and perhaps Tuesday as well) from Orlando north due to sea breeze convergence, favoring  more toward the east side of the state and approaching I-95 by 6pm; any showers with this would be restricted to north of Daytona as it appears, of extremely light nature (although models are not showing rain at all).  Either way, no impacts.  Wind on Wednesday of much more southerly nature, but light.

No weather worth mention in the extended as well. Normal to just above normal temperatures. Immediate coast Central and all of Southeast Florida will have lows in the low-mid 60Fs overnight, interior in the mid-upper 50Fs. Highs all regions in the low 80Fs, coolest along A1A up and down the coast, ultimate coolest along A1A from Sebastian Inlet and north where highs will linger around the 74-77F mark during the afternoon sea breeze. Calm at night.

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