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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Same Old Song, Different Lyrics

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TODAY: Not much sense in strumming the same old tired song, the lyrics have barely even changed , though some punctuation marks have been added. The main differences  for today that can be determined from forecasts,  the morning KSC sounding (if that data  holds to be true into the afternoon), and Local Data that "

A: Steering at the lower levels has weakened significantly enough to allow the east coast sea breeze to form and work its way to at least I-95 (as opposed to yesterday when that did not occur); and

B: Temperatures aloft at 500mb might have dropped perhaps 1/2 a degree but the temperatures at 700mb have dropped about 2 degrees. Again, if that was only localized or representative of a large area is unknown, and if that holds true for the afternoon hours is also unknown. Overall, though it shouldn't make much difference unless it holds, then some stronger but brief storms could occur inland (west of I-95 over Central Florida into Lake County / Orange/Osceola e.g.) 

C. The boundaries that were drawn out on yesterday's blog post have faded into oblivion as Old Bertha and her child low pressure area move further and further away. The straggling boundaries are but a  lingering moisture laden memory.

Outside of the above, it all looks typical for August type thunderstorms. A different Breed of those in June and early July as the air mass throughout the entire boundary layer typically warms making for less severe like activity, the same ingredients which foster more  tropical like conditions fostering tropical storm results up through the end of October. We'll be reaching the peak of hurricane season in a few weeks and nary a storm to be seen or forecast on the  digital horizon. YET.

The day could again end in typical mostly cloudy to cloudy fashion due to storm debris aloft with some sprinkles abouts.

TOMORROW-FRIDAY: Not going to venture into this territory as both days looks like another variation of today...though the GFS implies a pocket of colder air from Eastern Cuba might work it's way around the western edge of the Atlantic Ridge intrusion and across South to South Central Florida. If so, going toward Friday or Saturday there might be some stronger storms 'down South" but wouldn't buy into that at all at this point.  

WEEKEND-TUESDAY: Watching for an up tick in storms moving toward the far east side  with greater certainty and more of a punch but overall, nothing that can be foresee without   "the greater details of the daily basis" cast.

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