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Friday, September 16, 2016

Showers-Storms Mainly Away From Coast - Highest Concentration South Central to South

Early Afternoon Thunderstorm Closes in on The Cape on Thursday
TODAY: Appears that what remains of a 'boundary' which focused most activity on Thursday across Central Florida might have shifted a bit south. As a result, greatest thunderstorm chances today might be over mostly South Central to parts of South Florida.

Steering less that 6 mph  means very slow storm motion. Temperatures aloft similar to yesterday as well. Overall not much change from yesterday other than where the greater potential concentration of storms will occur. Early evening storms might too be able to manifest more toward interior portions of Central as sea breezes from both coasts approach each other, but more toward the west side.

Swell from Julia moved in and coupled with a near autumnal full Harvest Moon the high tides running are much higher than normal as evidenced this morning with higher waves as well. Rip currents will be a hazard within a few hours of low tide or during the prime swimming times around noon to early afternoon.

WEEKEND: Really not much different than what has been advertised meaning mainly interior storms possible focusing more toward the Southern half to one third of state with temperatures similar to today and yesterday. Random showers could move ashore early evening through morning along the east coast mainly from the Cape and north any evening though outside of the day time driven activity but if so will be extremely isolated. 

BEYOND: The GFS has been attempting to hint that some energy could result in a "Julia Revisited' as a piece of vorticity breaks off and circulates around a ridge building across the Southern U.S. come early to mid next week while the remnant surface low becomes absorbed in the next trough in the mid levels to move east over top that ridge. Either way does not at time seem to make much of a difference in the sensible weather across Florida  other than that there might be a day come  Tuesday or Wednesday when rain showers will be more likely. Otherwise, increasingly obvious light , easterly flow commences and mainly rain-showers with possibly some thunder well inland to west side of state will be the norm much of next week (as it stands now).

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