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Friday, December 25, 2015

More Record Warmth to Endure Through Mid-Next Week

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

TODAY: Little sensible/appreciable change on this Christmas Day in the current weather regime for Florida south of I-4  into the upcoming weekend. Muggy - gooey mornings with periods of fog lifting into mid-morning and warm with near to record warm temperatures (either record warm minimums, afternoon maxes, or a mix of both) to match up with the dew point temperatures running into the lower 70Fs  and mid-upper 60Fs away from the coast over night. 

Below are some example 'record reports' out of the Tampa (TPA), Melbourne (MLB), and Miami (MIA) National Weather Service (NWS) Offices from the past two days. There are more examples of the same from these stations.

 Noting  that only official reporting stations are considered - but MOST areas in the state are not 'official reporting stations' records could well have fallen in any given area, for example in Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Holopaw , or any other location in Florida that is not an official site without it ever being reported.

As for Christmas Day (today !), the cloud deck noted on yesterday's satellite imagery and was observed to those who noticed it is thinning out - dissipating - thus, more sun today than yesterday with some foggy areas early on through mid-late morning .  Note from above that Naples was not under the cloudy canopy yesterday that other's were, and as a result experienced a high temperature of 88F. Note also, that some of the morning lows down in southeast Florida are comparable to summer time morning lows.

BEYOND: Next storm system will be taking shape over for South Texas in the next 72 hours and will track ENE and eventually NNE (away from Florida) with a possible severe weather set up once again for far East Texas, part of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas (at least)..and this region and more is already being 'outlooked' for such by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in the 27th -28th time frame. Apart from this upcoming event, and snow fall mainly along and west of the continental divide ..warm weather prevails even up the U.S. east coast toward the Del Marva (to lesser 'degrees' Fahrenheit). Things appear to remain dry for the most part until at least Monday.

THE CHANGE:  Question becomes when will the 'Climate Change' come for Winter 2016? Latest GFS continues to spell out a cold bout coming New Year's Day time frame and for nearly the entire week to follow..though 'Official Forecast Discussions' are not alluding to such as of yet are in some cases include one sentence concerning it. 

But take heed, if the GFS verifies...a temperature shift of nearly a 35F degrees fall in morning lows and up to 25-30F for afternoon highs is possible, though suspect the model might be a little over-done - time will tell. But if so, that would be quite an unaccommodating change to get acclimated to considering the long-string of warmth we've had to 'endure'. 

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