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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yet Another Unseasonably Cool Day on Tap

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Synopsis: Low pressure continues approximately 100 ENE of Daytona. Wrap around moisture and associated clouds continue to affect the north half of the state. High pressure in the extreme western Gulf of Mexico is building slowly eastward. The high will pass over head during the weekend and be followed by a cold front that will be impacting the Dixie region while we bask in pleasant conditions.,

TODAY: The weather in Brevard today will be affected mainly by circulation around a low pressure system over the extreme Southeast U.S. The surface low is east of Daytona but the low at a higher level of the atmosphere is right along the Georgia coast. It is circulation around that low that will affect our sky conditions today, whereas the surface low will affect the wind. Mostly cloudy with occasional periods of partly cloudy skies all day with a west wind of 10-15mph. The south half of the county will see signifcantly more sun though. Despite what I'm hearing on TV I do not believe it will rain today, unless we receive a trace amount sometime late in the afternoon. Any rain though will essentially be negligible. The high temperature today will continue below what we'd normally expect this time of year with a high of only 65 degrees due to the lack of solid, prolonged sunlight during max heating as well as reinforcing cool air filtering in on the heals of the west wind circulating around the mid-level low along the Georgia coast.

TONIGHT: Gradual clearing after dark with a low near 55 degrees and a NW wind of 5-10 mph

FRIDAY: Continued somewhat cool but with much better sky conditions and a lighter wind. No chance of rain. NW wind gradually veering to north by late in the day at 10mph under partly cloudy skies. The high temperature will be a tad warmer since we should see more sun at around the 68-70 degree notch on 'ole mercury'.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Near calm wind and clear with occasional clouds splots and a low near 58 degrees.

SATURDAY: Now comes the fun part! No change from what was written yesterday. A few clouds with nearly calm winds, but a light ocean puff from the E-ENE at 5-8mph during the afternoon and a high near 72 degrees. Away from the immediate beaches it could easily be a couple of degrees warmer. (Darned cold ocean water)

SATURDAY NIGHT: Continuing the gradual warming trend we'll have a low around 63.
SUNDAY: Light morning winds will yield to SE winds which will veer during the day to become Southwesterly by mid afternoon. Noticeably warmer with a high near 77 degrees. Few clouds to start the day but gradually an increase of at first high clouds by mid day. Clouds increasing significantly in the last hours before sunset as the Dixie front approaches.

LATE SUNDAY NIGHT / EARLY MONDAY: Cold front knocking at the door. WSW and cloudy but not cold. Low Sunday night near 64 degrees and a high on Monday near 72 with a very infinitesimally small chance of a sprinkle.

The front will be in the region through mid-day Tuesday after which it will move on and skies will clear nicely. All in all next week, at least for the first half, it appears that it will be warmer than this week has been...and by Wednesday we could have temperatures almost right on the :"average for this time of year' mark.

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