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Monday, July 28, 2014

Warmer Than Usual Eastern Beaches, Showers/Thunder Very Isolated But Possible

Mammatiform - Cumuluslike Pertubations Underneath  a Storm Anvil that was  Offshore Late Sunday  
TODAY IN BRIEF: Westerly winds at the surface and aloft could make for an unusually warm afternoon along the east coast of Florida. There 'could' possibly be a seabreeze formation though late and after peak heating hours from the Cape and south which will stick very close to the coast east of US1 for Central and closer toward east of I95 parts of South Central/South Florida. Chance again of quicker moving shower activity from west to east inland during the day as noted, with some possible bolts of lightning as showers peak out. Best chance though of more concentrated lightning activity it appears would be nearer to on the beaches to just offshore the beaches after 5pm through dark from Brevard County and south toward Martin or even Palm Beach counties.

A cold front is approaching - to enter Central Florida before noon time Wednesday.

Expected location of cold front at 2pm tomorrow across Panhandle
TUESDAY: Possible earlier onset of showers and thunder near and north of I-4 on Tuesday. Better chances of some stronger storms in regard to gusty winds south of I-4 after 2pm. Mid-level temperatures should drop some tomorrow as opposed to the warmer air aloft today, resulting in earlier onset north, and stronger wind gusts further south ahead of and in heavier rains.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Front at the surface to make it to at least Lake Okeechobee but just above the surface more toward Central Florida,. The focus for storms should be along the surface boundary though, so the best chance of storms or showers will be from near Sebastian Inlet and south unless the front does not progress as far south as guidance indicates.

FRIDAY-MONDAY: A weak low pressure circulation is shown to encompass all of Florida by the weekend with mid level troughiness over the Deep South region and the northern Gulf putting the state in SW  flow aloft, but with S-SSE surface winds. Moisture abundant will make for an increased chance of thunderstorms and some just a little stronger than standard fare. Mid level cooler temperatures might make for an earlier onset of activity some days, Beach activities not looking so great but before 2-3pm in general all weekend unless activity gets a start by or before 1pm (esp. Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, Broward, Dade Counties)..

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