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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Near Record Warmth Possible Wednesday & Christmas Eve

Sunrise Friday Morning, Cape Canaveral Florida
TODAY: Conditions are panning out as expected in previous post. The warmest location this morning (advertised by this blog several times as being  rather typically mornings) is 'east of US1 and/or  Route A1A along the east coast south to around Lake Okeechobee and/or through the Keys holds true. Colder regions mostly along and north of I-4 (especially the Panhandle) and down along the west side of the state toward Punta Gorda.

Winds from the North will pick up a bit with some mixing of daytime heating, with highs mostly in the lower 60Fs along and north of I-4, mid-upper 60Fs Central, and into the 70Fs further south.

Sky Conditions have rapidly improved since last night, though some patches of clouds will still be out there today, not a significant amount will be present  as winds become a bit more NNE later in the day gusting to around 20-25mph at times.

SUNDAY: The same areas as shown above that are warmest this Saturday morning will repeat the same this morning, but all areas will be generally be 5-8F degrees warmer Sunday morning, but  Sunday afternoon will remain cool one more day with mid-upper 60Fs and lower 70Fs spreading north.

MONDAY: The Bigger Change begins on December 21st (the Winter Equinox / Solstice) as the sun passes over the Tropic of Capricorn on December 21st or 22nd depending on where on the calendar map one is located. For this blogger's region, this will occur at 11 :48PM  Monday evening or 23:47:28 UTC (Universal Time Coordinates) we head toward near record warmth on Tuesday, the 22nd. 

On  Monday morning into the afternoon wind will be southerly with back to warmer mornings and evenings round the clock fot a long string of days ahead. Tuesday continues warmer.

WEDNESDAY: Near record warmth on the Second Full Day of astronomical winter, mostly south of the I-4. Slight chance of showers or sprinkle near the east coast later Tuesday through Wednesday, but most rain activity will occur north of I-4 next week as it appears now.

Beach Access Crossover - Cocoa Beach, Florida
FULL MOON: Christmas morning  Eleven Minutes past Midnight, first time we've had a Full Christmas Moon since 1977, and will not occur again until 2034.

CHRISTMAS DAY: Wind becomes more Southeast from off the Atlantic so 'near record warmth' not expected though 'above normal' temperatures will occur all locations from Christmas Day and for several days to follow.

In Summary, this morning is the coolest morning we will experience for at least a week if not the next 10 days.

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