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Sunday, November 1, 2009

No Tricks, No Treats, No Weather

Pictured Above: My Halloween scare which crawled across my bare feet TWICE last night. GROSS! My cat finally caught it for me. Good kitty.

Looks like we're starting off November to a slow start, and with that given the trend it appears at this time will continue through this upcoming week. on Friday morning a very ill defined backdoor "boundary" passed through from east to west and fizzled over the interior while another boundary approached from the NW (yesterday). That second boundary is currently almost directly overhead. The accompanying low pressure system is well up near the Canadian border, thus this 'extension' is nothing more than a thread of dynamics (in fact, there was a very nice rope cloud indicated on satellite imagery extending across the Panhandle and into the Gulf late yesterday).

In any case, the second front (I'll call this one, with hesitation, a front) probably somewhere at this time on a Daytona Beach to Sarasota line and sinking ever so slowly south as it encounters mid-upper level winds running parallel along it. The atmosphere at those levels is moisture starved (thirsty?) so I'm not looking for any form of rain to fall along it j(although we could see some mid-upper level clouds as the boundary sets camp overhead). The lower levels below 10,000 feet aren't AS dry...but the combination of absolutely nothing to stir the pot either at the surface or aloft (wind or thermally wise) and relatively dry air leaves us with once again a nice day similar to yesterday. The only difference is that given the boundary will probably sink down to the Lake Okeechobee area today...some generally drier, low level air will work into the picture. Yesterday wasn't so warm along the coast, although Orlando once again hit a record high temperature for the date. You'd never have guessed it by being right on the coast though.

I'm going to stick my leg out on a forecast for the entire week today, which I don't usually do. Perhaps it's because I started the blog in the summer during which longer term forecasts are, except for under unusual circumstances, a dangerous undertaking. But given the time of year, the agreement between the models, and consistency in the pattern it appears that despite minor perturbations in the boundary which will reside just to the south if not right over us...there will be no mentionable weather here along east central Florida or even along the west coast for that matter. I don't see any unique identifiers that should cause one coast to be much different from the other until we get some more moisture in here and the winds do something significant other than their current 'fair weather' generosities. Temperatures in all areas will be a tad cooler on Tueday afternoon and points on with the coolest of mornings to be found along the west central area of the state as far south as the Sarasota area.

Every once in a while I like to make mention that my posts are obviously of my own undertaking and opinion and often expressed very tongue in cheek (depending on my mood at this time of day). Therefore, for planning purposes, or if bless you that you take my word for it, I suggest at least getting a second opinion for your closest National Weather Service office if you have some important business to attend to or plan.

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