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Friday, June 7, 2013

Slight Chance of Showers And/Or Some Thunder East of I-95 Late Today

Orange and Green shows best chance of  thunder/showers respectively late today not including on-going activity as can be seen currently in this morning visible satellite image over South Florida

CURRENT: The "Circulation Named Andrea" is now over South Carolina. Note that at no time did any land observation location report Tropical Storm force sustained winds. As it cross the Gainesville to JAX area winds were sustained about 12mph. The winds were all well above the ground. Today, the strongest winds will remain offshore the coast to just on the east coast of the Carolinas and north, mainly as a result of pressure gradient with high pressure to the east of the circulation.

Can you find Andrea? In this image the center of the circulation is still offshore of Cedar Key near the Big Bend in the Gulf. Tropical Storm aloft. It is questionable at this point just exactly what is to occur next.

Andrea Bottoms out right about now,  seemingly becoming a bit  extratropical in nature as the storm begins to get absorbed in an upper level trough as was expected to occur

TODAY: What is left of the "Circulation Andrea" is to race up the east coast in the next 24 hours and within 3 days will be very close to Europe! Meanwhile, west wind most of the day with highs in the mid-upper 80Fs making for a nice day. It appears as the storm gets further away that the pressure gradient at the lowest levels will relax just enough for a sea breeze to develop after the latter portions of peak heating.

At this time, the mid-levels have really dried out, but a surge of some moisture from the west should be moving in to fill the dry slot late today about the same time the sea breeze can form. With just enough instability present and convergence along the coast east of I-95, this could result in showers and some thunder east of I-95. Thunder might even be east of US1 if not restricted to the Barrier Islands themselves with a little interplay along convergence of the north side of the Lake Okeechobee Shadow near Ft. Pierce area in general. Best chance appears would be after 5pm through sunset, working northward with southern activity working up the sea breeze from the south where it will develop earlier.

BEYOND: Rain chances look a bit better (higher) for Saturday but begin to wane Sunday - Wednesday as the ridge axis lifts to Central if not north of Central Florida making for early east coast sea breeze on set. Another trough will enter the Deep South by Thursday accompanied by colder air aloft, setting the stage for possibly isolated but stronger storms Thursday into the next weekend, but that is too far off to be for certain regarding coverage.

Sunset Pictures with Departure of "Andrea Circulation" were being spread across the internet and on TV last night during the newscasts 

"Eyes on Sunset"

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