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Friday, April 23, 2010

Whilst Pleasant Here - There Were Tornadoes Elsewhere

Photo shows the sunrise yesterday morning
It's still dark out as I type this morning's post at 5am. Yesterday was quite pleasant, and we can expect more of the same today.  The same cannot be said though for parts of Texas, Colorado, and Kansas yesterday where up to 32 tornado reports came in. One tornado near Kendall, Kansas was reportedly nearly 1 mile wide! All the while we sat here ignorant of what was transpiring on the Central and Southern Plains.
SYNOPSIS:  Low pressure over extreme eastern Colorado will continue to press east toward the Midwest states as high pressure remains locked just to the east of the Florida peninsula for today.
TODAY: Much the same as yesterday other than the wind direction. Morning low around 66F degrees along the beaches and closer to 63F west of Merritt Island.  Ironically, one of the coldest temperatures in all of Central Florida so far is at the Space Center with a reading of 59F.  It won't be quite as 'breezy' today with a SE wind around 10-15mph (yesterday the wind was northerly for the first half of the day)  and some wisps of cirrus clouds streaming overhead off and on throughout the day.  A few small patches of cumulus can also be expected mainly over the Cape and west of Merritt Island during the pre-noon hours. High along the coast again near 79F degrees and a couple mercury notches higher from Merritt Island and points west toward Orlando.
TONIGHT: Much the same as last night with a low in the upper 60s (cooler inland) with some thin high clouds and very light SE hint to what I would call "air movement"...that is, little as far as 'wind' goes.
SATURDAY: Increasing high clouds with a high all areas breaking 80F. Coasts about 81F and inland about 85F. SSE winds at 10-15mph but otherwise another nice day.  Could actually start to feel 'overly warm' in wind protected areas that receive full sunlight as well.  Severe weather will be ongoing in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, extreme S. Ohio, Illinois, Indiana...that of the Midwest and Deep South.  We'll be hearing about supercell thunderstorms, large hail, strong winds, and tornadoes in the news.
SATURDAY NIGHT: Light south wind at 6-12mph under a veil of cirrus and some cirrostratus clouds. Low around 71 the severe weather in the other cited locales continues and pushes east toward the northeast and mid-Atlantic states.
SUNDAY: Generally cloudy with clouds increasing even more at all levels of the atmosphere throughout the day as the system that will have generated severe weather from Louisiana to Mississippi to  Kentucky and Tennessee and all points in-between shoves east and north.  Severe weather will be overspreading parts of the northeast and mid-Atlantic on Sunday, and I'm sure we'll be hearing all about it on the news and especially on The Weather Channel.  Despite the clouds, we could still reach 85 degrees with a SW wind of 12-22mph.
SUNDAY NIGHT: Our turn!  Decent chance of rain and perhaps some thunderclaps and lightning bolts.  At this time I still don't think the threat of severe weather will be nearly as great for Central Florida as it will be from a Daytona-Brooksville line and points north, but it will be a close call, so it all bears watching.  Another area that might end up seeing severe weather is to our south as a separate impulse breaks off from the 'main-stream' of activity and hits from a Ft. Myers-Palm Beach County and points south.  In other words, we'll be in the inevitable 'hole' of activity.  I can easily be wrong though so STAY-TUNED.  I believe we will see 'some' rain. One can only hope for some rain as we are now entering brush fire season shortly and can use every drop we can get.
MONDAY: The day will start out cloudy with lingering rainshower activity in the vicinity, but conditions will improve throughout the day.  As skies clear we could again see 85 degrees before some moderately 'coolish' air enters the picture Monday night with a W-NW wind of 12-22 mph.
After Monday morning no 'siggy' weather to speak of for QUITE sometime.  Comfortable temperatures, light winds, and variable sky conditions should prevail for the remainder of the week.

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