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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Big Pattern Change Is Being Projected By the Weekend

Pool Side Blooms Leave Honeysuckle Aroma Many Yards Away
This Morning Near Sunrise

Early Model Imagery shows the potential for a mid level trough to form northeastward from the Gulf toward Early Next Week, after the trough currently (as shown) over the northern states presses on east 

TODAY: Small, light showers near and north of I-4 inland a way could linger off and on as high cloud jet stream cirrus clouds (mainly) continue which began yesterday across much of the peninsula. The jet streak (wind speed max well aloft), might lift out late today before sunset, and if so, we could see significant clearing many areas about or before that time later today. Otherwise, mostly cloudy due to high clouds and some mid clouds  with possibly some showers as noted below.

Meanwhile, little change to the current pattern, although suspect the high clouds could be on the wane by tomorrow as steering aloft is expected to become more westerly; no longer from the moist, source region near the SW Gulf.  The GFS has been showing for several days off and on an inverted like trough to form once the trough over the Great Lakes presses off the east coast over the weekend, allowing the mid-level trough to re-emerge and form a broad, moist swath off 'troughiness" across Central Florida (somewhere) by late weekend into much of next week, much like an 'elevated warm front'. 

The net result would be increasing rain chances especially toward the weekend or so into much of the first week of October. The details are too vague at this point to get into finer details, but for now it appears we could be in for more cloudy/showery, and possibly some thunderstorm like conditions contingent upon where (and if) that boundary materializes. Little change in temperatures are being projected out through 10 days, although as days grow shorter mornings could be a bit cooler and with cloud cover so too the afternoons.

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