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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Record Low Highs and Low Lows to Slowly Warm through Easter

Temperature Spread Depiction Before Sunrise This Wednesday Morning
During the Full Moon at 5:27 AM on this March 27th
TODAY: Record lows this morning, a record low high at Vero yesterday. Winds much lighter today though so more pleasant. Another cold morning on tap for Thursday morning  with more record lows possible. Melbourne got down to 39F while the porch rested at 45F. Some patchy frost is possible Thursday morning before sunrise, especially from near Ocala and Northern Lake County up the northern spine of the state in lower lying areas as skies remain clear.

THURSDAY: As noted above in the morning, with a notable warming trend commencing by mid-late morning with highs mainly in the 60Fs. Temperatures still below normal though from 10F -20F degrees. Light NNW-N wind might become slightly onshore right at the beaches by mid-afternoon.

FRIDAY-SUNDAY: Winds continuing to become NE-E to eventually SE-SSE as noted on the previous post for Easter. Morning lows from the Cape South notably warmer overnight Friday and through the weekend barely getting below 60F Saturday morning, but much cooler away from the beaches. Easter is the warmest day on tap until Monday when we could get above normal readings.

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY: Guidance is finicky about what will happen with the next front, considering how far out in time this is as of today, that is not at all unusual. Although there could be a shot of showers or even thunder South Florida on Monday (interior), suspect further north on one or both days (that is Sunday/Monday) the east coast could see a late day cloud deck as a result of late day sea-breeze convergence, but rain chances look overall minimal or light at that.

BEYOND: So far, that next front goes through nearly unnoticed except for a cloud deck, but there are signs it could lay the foundation for a surface low to form near the Loop Current in the Gulf. If so, there would be a chance of severe weather in the forecast late next week around April 4th  or 5th. Still too far off to say with any degree of certainty. Otherwise, normal temperatures and pleasant until then beginning Easter Day.

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