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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More of the Same..But More of It

(above..bizarre cloud formation directly overhead. This showed up nicely on satellite imagery)

As of 9am it is nearly dead calm along the Space Coast, and nearly totally clear as well. Storms going up in the eastern Gulf of Mexico are not moving, indicative of the steering currents today, although satellite imagery loops are showing a good W-WSW steering flow (for the clouds at least).

Overall, today should be much like yesterday..without going into some of the finer details. With more widespread coverage of the 'rainy' , thundery stuff. The main player today will be a very diffuse frontal boundary draped across the N. Central Peninsula which will likely drop yet further south during the next two days. Low level convergence along this boundary seems most likely tomorrow as it lays directly overhead and weak, nearly indiscernible bubbles of low pressure traverse along it from WSW to ENE.

Today, storm motion will be almost solely dictated initially by sea-breezes pushing inland from both coasts, then once they get going outflow boundaries and storm mergers will be the player. Thus, other than from Daytona - north, and Vero-South, the central coastal locales will have to resort to the luck (or unluck) of the draw later in the day after 5pm. Activity elsewhere should get going though by 1pm...and strengthen in intensity inland after 4pm.

Looks like a dense cirrus shield has already spread over the Tampa Bay region (which is being indicated on radar as light rain) ..this cloudiness is spreading eastward pretty quickly, but I don't believe it will be realized in Central Brevard until early afternoon, if at all. Perhaps a degree or two warmer today as we have started out the day relatively cloud free, unlike yesterday...with a light ENE sea-breeze kicking in around 11am.

The NAM model has been showing much of the state overrun by light rain by 2pm, but I believe this will only be realized as increased high cloud coverage and yet greater moisture aloft. The KSC sounding this morning shows that the 700mb dry slot is about all but gone now, and 500mb temperatures have dropped a notch. This may result in more strong storms as experienced at the blessed locales inland late yesterday.

As mentioned on Sunday, it still looks like Wednesday may be an active day. In the longer range, not looking for anything tropical in nature other than some weak inverted troughs encroaching on the area from the SE adding fuel (moisture) to the 'fire' and keeping elevated rain chances in the offing for the next 5 days.

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