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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Near or At Record Low Temperatures Possible Tuesday Morning

Clearing  Skies On a Sunday Morning (not from today) Cape Canaveral 
TONIGHT: With clear skies in force and NW winds all day, yet still a cold front is to press SE- ward emanating from the  complexly patterned low pressure system of Thermonuclear baroclinistic 'Sandy' which appears will bring snows to West Virginia  parts of Eastern Kentucky, Possibly the mountains of Western Pennsylvania and New York with time.

The front is scheduled to arrive fully through Central Florida around midnight tonight defined most solely by a drier air mass (lower dew-point temperatures) with lows in the morning Monday around the lower 50Fs to upper 40Fs from near dead Central and north , a bit warmer further south.

MONDAY: With full sunshine and continued dry air infiltration, the forecast calls for flaky skin. Could be a bit like today in the wind department with highs not cracking 70F Dead Central and northward. It is possible that the high temperature will be close to what is considered the usual mark of 67F degrees as a minimum temperature which I've used in the past to distinguish the first full Fall day of the season along the coast of Brevard County. Noticeable temperature drop between 5-7pm as the sun sets.

TUESDAY: Possible record lows. Lows in the upper 40Fs parts of Brevard and mid-40s elsewhere. Winds NW continue. Very very cool to cold as far south as SE Florida as well. Cold is all relative, and in that perspective it will feel relatively cold to those not accustomed to this unusual temperature shift after many months of warm to hot and humid days. Very very dry Tuesday morning. Would not be surprised to see lower 40Fs, with upper 30Fs toward I-10. Highs again only in the mid-upper 60Fs  many locations

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY, pretty much the same although it looks like Thursday afternoon we'll warm more in the afternoon most noticeably than on Wednesday.

FRIDAY-WEEKEND: Modulatory warming so that by Friday morning lower 50Fs and light winds will be a cinch relatively speaking in the morning. Pleasant.

BEYOND: Another cold front and rains could be on tap later of Election Week with another strong burst of much cooler temperatures and perhaps a stormy day prior. Otherwise, entering typical winterish like weather early on now when rains only occur with fronts. This is not to say though, that heading into the second week of November the weather of  these coming days ahead might just be a distant memory with warming temperatures across the boards heading into mid-November. Too soon to say. Daylight savings time begins next Saturday evening...speaking of saving..

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