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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Increasing Rain Chances into Saturday, Breezy and Cooler Sunday Onward

On This Day , November 17th - 2014
TODAY:  Brisk easterly flow and warm temperatures for this time of year to continue even into Saturday. Frontal boundary (second of two) to approach for passage late Saturday into early Sunday. 

As high pressure to the north moves off the east coast of the U.S. north of Florida the pressure gradient will remain fairly tight if not tighten more so , meaning winds will become more southerly with time going into Friday. Mostly dry today but north of Ft Pierce  there is a chance of a renegade sprinkle as far north as the Cape late today from around 3PM onward until after dark  but most areas will remain rain free.

WEDNESDAY- THURSDAY: As wind becomes a bit more southerly a slight increase in rain chances from Vero north toward Daytona very early Wednesday through early afternoon. Warmer overnight especially near the east coast and inland during the day. Wind will remain brisk and maybe increase a bit moreso.

On Thursday the front might slide into Central by early evening. Chance of Showers and perhaps a thunderstorm. Will watch for even a strong storm from I-10 south to North Brevard County by late afternoon or early evening, especially near the east coast from I-95 and eastward. Guidance has lately be focusing on some heavier rainfall totals from Volusia and north..and maybe as far south as nearly all parts of Brevard county as well depending on the model and the model run.

FRIDAY: Front to work toward Lake Okeechobee with almost no real discernible temperature changes especially near the east coast as winds immediately swing to onshore as noted in like manner as the past few days. 

Another front approaches however which will again swing winds around to the south but they will be much lighter than recent days. Meanwhile..the broad diffuse boundary will remain over South Central and South..which will mean rain chances for those areas on Friday as well, not so much north of a Sarasota to MLB line for the most part.

SATURDAY: Next front in the series to merge with the old remaining boundary which could spell out increased cloud cover and another chance of wider spread rain chances as it lifts back north again to at least Central if not further north (the jury is still out on how far north it will permitted to retreat before the next front moves in) , though thunder might be less likely due to increased cloud coverage.

SUNDAY: Front will be pressing south from Central to out of the state and even clearing Cuba during the first half of the day through nightfall. Breezy onshore NE winds will commence possibly overnight Sunday into Monday.

SUNDAY-THROUGH WEDNESDAY: Much cooler round the clocks, especially away from the coast from the Cape and South. Lows in many areas in the mid-upper 50Fs to lower 60Fs..but mid-upper 60Fs at the beaches from Cape Canaveral and South and further inland the further south one goes toward Lake Okeechobee. 

By Thursday  (of next week which is Thanksgiving Day) more direct onshore flow will begin to equalize temperatures out most areas (Thanksgiving) but also increase a small chance of coastal sprinkles and/or cloud coverage from stratocumulus cloud decks.

NOTE: Last year the first cold spell was November 1st when Canaveral saw 47F on the beach. The coolest at this location so far this year has been 66F.

November 1st Last Year - 2014

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