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Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Solstice and Showery Thunder Tomorrow (and Today)

Cape Canaveral  Beaches Colored by the Last Day of a Spring Sunrise
Low Offshore East Coast to Life North Through Friday (Eventually)

TODAY: Not much change from previous post other than to lift the potential for a solid mini rain 'event' along the east coast, which was mentioned the other day as a possibility. The low responsible for much of the cloud cover over some areas yesterday has lifted to the north just a bit and is mostly affecting the steering currents for storms/showers, as well as being responsible for the NW-WNW winds at the ground level even as of noon time over some areas due to the weak surface circulation even being shown by the model guidance.  

Expect mainly showers near the East coast to work inland with the east coast sea breeze North half of state once it sets in, with possible thunder up and down the Florida turnpike area toward I-27 later today. Steering will generally be from north to south today on the back side of the low (except south Florida will movement will be more chaotically slow).

Further south, greater coverage of showers and storms expected, one or two could be strong near Lake Okeechobee (any side of it).

Distant tall rainshowers at sunrise is seen above the surfline from the Low Pressure Area off Shore

WEEKEND: The Low will lift slowly off to the north and east , Florida no longer in the low level circulation will shift regimes a bit. Increasing moisture from the tropical region is to work northward around high pressure building in behind the departing low with time going into the Monday time frame. Otherwise, each day will have it's own quirks as to exactly where the best moisture will reside. There could be a  'dry slotted' area across Central on Saturday or Sunday before deeper moisture arrives from the south.

General area for showers and storms today


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