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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Isolated Storms, A few Strong Possible Later Today

TODAY: Having problems signing into my blog posting site today, thus,
this is a bit of a 'test post' attempt from email.
Tough call today, Wednesday, but all in all appears an upper
low off the SE Florida Coast is making for colder air aloft today
over the South 1/3 of the state and toward the east coast as far north
as near Melbourne. Steering is equally a tough call as it is divided in the
mid levels from WSW to the North. All in all, expect only slow storm motions today with propagation
along boundaries. Best chance of strong storms appears to be west of the Big Cities over South Florida
and just north of the LAKE on the north side of the Lake Shadow...this spells out the Ft. Pierce
to Vero Zone..with later activity as a result of outflows as far north as the Beach Line toward Rockledge/Port St John
areas of populace, whereas further west toward Orlando this is mainly swamp land and as far west as
Orlando might be west of the sea breeze convergence. Following images from Tuesday.
OTHERWISE: Remnants of the Seeds of Isaac (upper and mid level energy) is hovering
and will move little through tomorrow along the northern Gulf Coast. Perhaps be forced
a bit to the WSW off Southern Alabama as a result of the passage of Lisa to our east.
LARGE SWELLS in the offing, and dangerous high risk threat of rip currents
beginning today but more so ALL WEEKEND. Thunder chances
continue through the weekend as well.
I see the Hurricane Center is giving "Isaac" a 10% chance of something happening with it, but
so far this looks less likely over likely. Cannot say for sure, and bears watching, but all in all
what will come out of it for better or for worse is better rain chances for at least the north half of the state heading into Monday.

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