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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick post today due to time constraints. Everything is falling right in line from yesterday's post. As expected, we still have the clouds around early this morning. They will gradually clear out as we move toward noon time, as coverage is still pretty extensive across the central and southern peninsula. They are decreasing from north to south though as drier air moves in. Timing upon running a satellite loop would place clearing between 1-2pm...but with a little mixing they could clear out somewhat soon. Otherwise.....

TODAY: Cloudy to start with eventually clearing as we work into the afternoon. As mentioned yesterday, we might not even see 50 degrees today, or if so, by a hair. I think we'll eke out that hair from Canaveral northward. Further south toward Satellite Beach and Melbourne it's much more likely. We nailed the forecast low right on the head for Canaveral. Most areas were around 40 this morning...and of course colder when going further north. Although it could reach 50 to low 50s it's still going to feel pretty cold with a good NW breeze going.

TONIGHT: Skies will have cleared and high pressure will be stretched all across the northern border of the Gulf of Mexico. Colder air will be pulled down from the north due to circulation around this high as well as down the backside of the mid-level trough as it pulls further away from the state over the Atlantic. Temperatures will drop accordingly.

(Image: Decided just to throw a picture of "Lola" in this morning. She finds solace on the pillow side of the lap desk)
SUNDAY: Overall, this will be the coldest day for a while. Very chilly with widespread mid-30s west of the Indian River the whole way south to the Big Lake. Still think the A1A corridor will be the warmest...but regardless...we could see 38 degrees here with very light winds as high pressure will be nearly overhead by sunrise under clear skies. Further south toward the Big Lake some jet stream cirrus could be stream aloft...but nothing of much consequence. Believe Sunday afternoon will be a little warmer than today though...getting into the mid-50s about everywhere..with upper 50s from Melbourne and points south.

MONDAY: Another cold morning..but not quite as wide spread. Believe the mid-30s will be confined to the ultimate interior (or spine) of the state with low 40s more of the rule. A1A corridor could actually be in the mid-upper 40s from Canaveral and points south. Clouds on the increase by afternoon Monday as the next cold front pulls into the station from the Southern Plains states. The front will cross the Central Peninsula late in the day and be accompanied by a lot of clouds and maybe a couple spits of rain just barely reaching the ground..but I wouldn't expect enough for an actual measurement in the old rain gauge. We could get into the low 60s by a hair on Monday...which will be somewhat nicer...but nothing to write home about...if you know what I mean. Besides, with the clouds around ...dependant on the timing of the clouds..upper 50s may end up being the rule.

TUESDAY-FRIDAY: Continued cold mornings and very cool afternoons with highs eventually reaching the low-mid 60s (the further south one is..the warmer it will be). The extreme east coast will be appreciably warmer than the interior the entire week. Hopefully this will be the last prolonged cold spell of the winter. With stress on HOPEFULLY.

I took a peak at the crystal ball extended forecast for the end of the month. If you can believe it, the GFS model actually had the freezing line the whole way up into Canada (rather than along the Florida-Georgia border as it will be this upcoming week). That's a MAJOR don't know how much credibility to put into that one. Regardless, it's getting to the time of year that cold spells just don't last that long. We can still get a real cold one, but they don't last long.

Just need to survive this week.

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