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Monday, January 28, 2013

Warm Through Wednesday, Near Record Highs Possible

Mid Level moisture rotating around high pressure to the east of Florida could manifest as off and on clouds Central and North Florida throughout the day. Onshore wind at the east coast will keep temperatures within 1 mile of the beach a bit cooler
TODAY-WEDNESDAY: Not much really to say for the next three days as high pressure slowly weakens with time as a frontal boundary taking shape over the Central Plains states will progress eastward with time. Easterly winds becoming progressively more southerly with some mid level moisture in place will allow temperatures to enter the lower 80Fs each day , mainly just away from the beaches. Overnight lows right at the beaches likely not to fall below 68F degrees from Port Canaveral and South, if not below even 70F.

Wednesday we could see some record highs as winds become more SSW-SW as front noses in from the west to WNW. Mid level moisture might also be carried off to the NE of the state. Timing on the front is still a bit sketchy, with entrance into Central Florida anywhere from near midnight Wednesday night to Thursday around late morning, thus timing will mean everything for Thursday's weather.

THURSDAY: Either way, we could see some showers after midnight Wednesday night into the sunrise period Thursday as clouds clear from north to south. If the NAM and the ECMWF model come closer to reality, clearing will be delayed Thursday into late day (at least). If the GFS verifies, clearing will reach Dead Central around late morning to noon time, but south of there will take until after dark Thursday evening.

FRIDAY-TUESDAY: The more certain outlook is for a return to cooler temperatures. As has been the case this winter (and most others), the warmest overnight lows will run from Cape Canaveral south along A1A toward US1 in South Florida and through the Keys each morning, so far perhaps not falling below 53F, whereas inland and toward the west and southwest Florida temperatures would vary through the 40Fs ranges. More notable will be cooler afternoon highs. The GFS is backing off now on how cool those highs will be, from cooler now to warmer. Predominately though, highs in the mid-upper 60Fs most locales except warmer south Florida. We could see a few days of only lower 60Fs though from Dead Central and north, especially on Friday. There is now forecast to be 2 more fronts after this upcoming front 2-3 days apart which would act to reinforce the air mass in place post-Wednesday. All in all though, temperatures running around normal to a few degrees above normal might be in the cards. Only rain chances so far appears to be Wednesday night through early to Mid Day Thursday depending on which model verifies. In short, no big weather disturbances to cause severe weather or very cold weather is foreseen.

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