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Friday, May 3, 2013

Another "Guess Work" Day at Hand - Where Will It Rain (or Will It?)

Image shows a misolow near Titusville and another off shore Brevard .
Little movement with those features;
The west coast sea breeze is showing some slow progression.
Atmosphere is a bit unstable
especially over interior Central/South Central
TODAY: Another guess work day at hand . Latest hour showed west to NW winds at Titusville and stronger NE-E winds just to the north on the North End of the Cape. Just south of that area toward at least north Central to Central Brevard as a result might end up dry today contingent upon motion of those small scale features OR if they suddenly fall apart. Otherwise, dry air is over South Florida but more moisture might be working into the picture. Stronger Easterly winds Volusia County and north should last all day though with rain, some heavy continuing at least for a time.  The bigger question is what will occur south of the light green line shown above? For now, will not play in favor of South Florida too strongly, but this could change working into mid-afternoon with no problem. Interior South Central to Central seems the best likelihood of rain receipt today with some big totals possible due to slow storm motion. Thus, localized flooding again possible especially over grounds that have already become supersaturated. There have been some huge 3 day rainfall totals in the past few days, if not hourly rainfall totals across many parts of the state as noted in forecast office reports. Interestingly a tower gauge a couple hundred feet above ground level at the Space Center reported a gust of 67 Kts or over 70 mph not long ago, hard as it is to believe, on the north side of the misolow (reminiscent of how the no name storm of October 2011 ended up only with less intensity overall).

Vorticity in the Upper Levels Over Florida noted might occur yesterday. It's not really moving much though hence the comment of 'very little ADVECTION".
WIthout actual advection there is not much affect of it being present

There is a chance the area of North Brevard will remain dry slotted today, and even after that whether it rains tonight in that area will have to be left to be seen. On the other hand, things could change rapidly almost any given point in time. Based on the Lifted Condensation Level (LCL) and Level of Free Convection (LFC) being, at least shown as, at quite  low levels this hour, if accurate, would require very little to get rain showers going heading toward mid-afternoon. Again, with slow storm motions someone might end up with gallons. Time will tell.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY: Most of the better chances at least of rain end today. A slight chance of rain tomorrow might manifest mainly toward the east coast from Ft. Pierce and north later in the day outside of any remnant early morning activity. Sunday it appears now must might be quite pleasant (at least as of this hour).

BEYOND: Cooler mornings notable Sunday-Wednesday with slightly below afternoon highs through Tuesday. By Wednesday-Friday all will return to norm, with parts of the East Coast perhaps seeing some of their warmer days yet this season contingent upon how well the east coast sea breeze holds off. There is still a shot a better cloud coverage though sometime Monday and or Tuesday but after that it appears we'll be almost scott free for quite some time in regard to rainfall with partly cloudy skies..

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