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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love Bugs Have Returned With A Vegeance

This will be the last local forecast post for quite a while, as I'll be leaving early Thursday on a plane to Phoenix then driving out to the Great Plains for a Storm Hunting Safari. And, if you haven't figured it out appears that the Love Bugs are out in full get out those "bug guards" for your car.

TODAY: Lingering moisture combined with sea breeze boundary convergence will lead to another chance of isolated thunderstorms today. Believe it or not, there actually was one isolated thunderstorm yesterday near sunset that passed to the north and died as it reached the coast. That was the one lone storm of the day. Today we might actually see a few more storms than yesterday.

The area most likely to receive rain today would be from coastal South Brevard toward Orlando then north to Jacksonville. Coast communities in Brevard..particularly North and Central Portions of the county..will likely not receive any rain untila the 6-9pm time frame, so enjoy the day.

It will be another quite warm day away from the coast, but areas east of US1 should start to feel the sea breeze by no later than 1pm. Temeratures will average right at...or maybe a few degrees above normal inland, whereas the coastal communities will be just a few degrees below normal due to the continued influence of very cool ocean waters.

THURSDAY: One remaining day to maybe squeeze out an isolated rain shower or thunderstorm...but the chance will be significantly less than today. Temperatures running status quo.

FRIDAY-SUNDAY: Very low rain chance with little change in temperatures...they might be a tad cooler though than they were yesterday and will be today, particularly inland. We could start to see diurnal rainshowers impinging on the coastal communities along Central Florida by Saturday...but that's still a way out to be forecasting the chance of a rain shower. Otherwise, no signifcant weather makers for Central and South Florida as we head into next week.

See you in about 2 weeks!

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