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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2 More Fronts then Consistently Warmer Next Week

Progressive Pattern with fronts forming near the Lee of the Northern Rockies and moving across the lower Great Lakes and Exiting off shore the Mid Atlantic to Northeast States . These will affect Florida with no sig weather anticipated but varying sky conditions and temperatures bobbing up and down within tolerable ('average') variability  
TODAY: Sunny and cool with quite the dry air mass over head. High pressure is situated in general as noted above in the image. A front is skirting by which will morph the high pressure area and shift winds a bit from day to day, but overall today and Thursday look similar, although a bit warmer on Thursday with highs today in the mid-upper 60Fs and mid to lower 40Fs tonight away from the beaches where they will be closer to 50-54F (warmer south).

FRIDAY: There will actually be two fronts to shimmy by, the next one is already showing up and a third is to follow which is not even in that image yet. All the fronts follow the same general track, with the impacts to Florida being a more westerly component to the winds just prior to the fronts, but quickly swinging to NE behind them.

 Cloudy conditions look to be in the cards from a variety of heights depending on which model one prefers, but it appears it could be the later half of Saturday (north half of sate) that could get cloudy, OR maybe Friday. But either way, rain chances on any day are very slim, but not impossible. Otherwise, we will some days with highs in the lower 70Fs statewide especially on Friday despite any clouds that might be present. All in all, half the weekend looks like it could be pretty nice except potential for cloud coverage this weekend but really to soon to say with great certainty since that has been changing from model run to model run.

NEXT WEEK: So far, the first several days of next week are looking very nice with consistent 70F degree readings in store, southerly winds, and warmer overnight lows. In all in all, up and down sky conditions through Sunday with varying morning lows most notable at the beaches dependent on if they morning wind is from the west (cooler) or east (warmer). It starts to get sticky in the forecast heading into the Thursday/Friday time frame though of next week, more than one week from today, so will leave that time frame open given guidance begins to flap around from run to run that far out in time like a towel to the wind.

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