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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Warmer Saturday - Monday: Chance of Showers Today/Sunday Night

"A Man and His Heron"
TODAY: Considerable cloudiness but with some potentially decent breaks (mainly South Florida and North Florida). Jet stream cirrus that was across South Florida is lifting north to across South Central at this time (6AM) and could potentially lift as far north as the Titusville area. Otherwise, the NAM model and now to some degree the RAP short term model are showing sufficient surface based instability for showers and even some thunder (?). Might be over-kill, but best chance if so would likely be from near West Palm Beach and south. Cloud cover could also prevent any 'convective-like' build ups.  The NAM is focused with the rain chances from near Sebastian south to toward West Palm, while the GFS has the focus more to off the coast of Brevard. The short term RAP model shows 'light' showers almost anywhere within the 'green area' shown in the image below.

Meanwhile, weak low pressure expected to form near the far NW Bahamas generally east of West Palm is to lift off to the north and east during the next 36 hours. The net affect by tomorrow could be more northerly wind but continued light with a less chance of any shower activity (it would seem). Overall, the benign pattern continues into Friday.

WEEKEND: Wind becomes more easterly to eventually southeast and even Southwest going into the Sunday/Monday time frame as a frontal boundary approaches.  Wind speeds pick up also to the 15 -20mph range on Sunday/Monday. Warmer this weekend, especially on Sunday and then again on Monday. Little activity is expected with the front itself though could see some showers Sunday night/early Monday.

TUESDAY-BEYOND: Cool down behind front similar to past few days (if even). Overall, continued near to above normal temperatures through next week and generally dry other than as described above.

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