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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pulled An All Nighter in Lieu of Another Day Of......

Looking straight up a palm and Into the darkness

Click to enlarge these...they're kind of interesting actually.

Yawn....stayed up all night working on a silly little YouTube video slide show called "Bad Sky". I know, that title has potential for many..uh hem.."comments" shall we say? Check it out if you want. If you're reading this from the blog itself you can watch a mini version of it without even leaving the page from the video column. Anyway, after finishing up I decided to go outside and take some photos in total darkness just for kicks to see what would happen and saw that little fellow you see above too. It actually was totally green, but something happened in the picture taking process I guess. Only got one in before it took off. He/she was near the ceiling of the porch; so, I was standing on a beach chair just to get close enough. Enough of the jibber-jabber, so what's up with the weather?

As it is, I just happened to check that out too :-). Today looks to be the beginning of the big lull before the 'storm' so to speak on Saturday. As if what we've had so far hasn't been "lull" gets worse before it gets better. But in a sense it will be better in that I think that by tonight the strong east wind that's been right here on the beach will finally let up. Yes, believe it or not if you're any further than about 1 mile from the beach it's like a completely different day. I was in Titusville yesterday and it was like, "where's the wind?". Then I crossed the bridges and got to the Port entrance and it was , "oh, here it is...Drat!"...

So again, today might be a little more calm than yesterday, and so far it looks like tomorrow will be much the same. High pressure will remain the key player yet again today in this seemingly endless parade of blahsville days. We picked up almost 0.2" here yesterday...woo hoo. But it's something anyway. Not so sure that will happen again today though. At least yesterday the models were forecasting it to some degree to happen...but not today, at least not as of last nights run. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. The difference is that the high pressure is going to move off to the east to leave plenty of room for a front (Mother Goose and her hatchlings of storms) that will come in almost directly from the west and be knocking at the door around midnight Friday/Saturday.

Sure enough, the cap if you could even call it that is "off the charts" this morning LITERALLY...LOL. The dewpoint line on the sounding goes off to the left and separates from the ambient air temperature into no man's land. Almost looks ridiculous and to even say there will be anything beyond some clouds is giving it credence. But things can change..that's just how it was at..hmm..let me look..oh, 25 minutes ago. Geesh. High confidence in forecast today until around sunset because then almost anything can happen..but again..moderately high confidence there will be nada based on the models.

For the forecast I'm sticking with the NAM. It is very consistent with yesterday's presentation as far as where highs and lows and troughs and ridges will be. The only difference is that the intensity of all the aforementioned is about 1/4 of what yesterday's calling was. And this comes more in line with the GFS so heck why not? In essence, despite their overall presentations the result should be about the same. So that means nothing today or Friday. The wind will start to let up along the coast and start to shift to a more SE direction from it's current directly east heading. Enough is enough. Let's get to Saturday.

Saturday. Now the tables turn BIG time. Still to be a weak low bubble over S. Florida with the ridge completely out of the picture further east with a steep,sharp trough/front approaching from the Gulf (Mother Goose). The Tampa area will be first to feel the pinch from the front, but we have another game going on over here to due to that low. In fact, for the most part that low is the major player. Thus, Saturday could be wet. Precipitation is forecast to have commenced by sunrise and is depicted into Sunday morning which might be a bit overdone. However, the low will draw in moisture along with it like the Pied Piper and his entourage of rats. We could be hearing thunder on fact I'd be will to give the possibility a thumb's-up (yes...that's just one thumb).
So, the Pied Piper will come head on with the Mother Goose and kursplash..rain across the boards Saturday afternoon. I'd be surprised if the NWS doesn't get toward a 60 percent chance before all is said and done. Will be interesting.

Should I go beyond Saturday or leave that as a surprise? I'll give you a won't need your galoshes (that doesn't reveal much does it?). Seriously's dullsville beyond belief. Just probably really nice for at least 2 days. It's beyond the scope of this blog unless I want to get into a novel to cover the next period so cutting it off with that.

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