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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Interior late Thunder Mainly with a few nearer the Coasts

Generalize Areas of Rain and THunder Shown above
(best guess as of 11AM) Mostly interior portions
TODAY: Deeper Moisture working from South Florida as Forecast. Greatest instability this hour is over interior North and North Central Florida. East Coast Sea Breeze expected to make a greater inland penetration than previously surmised,  at least per short term model guidance.

As a result, since steering toward the east is also weaker and more from the south rather than from the west, strongest activity today appears will be as a result of east/west coast sea breeze handshakes combined with outflow boundaries from earlier showers and some thunder that form prior to the actual meeting time. Some showers could form close to the coast earlier, but the strongest storms it now appears will mainly be west of , or near, I-95 toward the Turnpike and along I-4.

Strongest storms expect over Orange, Polk, Osceola and  west of I-95 and near to west of the Suwannee River Valley Basin as well as along or near the Florida Turnpike as a result of this surmised greater inland push of the east coast sea breeze. Cloud cover should spread over most areas once again later today.

FRIDAY/SATURDAY: Again, it appears cloud cover 'might' result in more showers or simply cloud cover rather than thunderstorms (in general) although some areas will see thunder, seemingly so most likely across North Florida/ Panhandle region closer to the stationary front depicted in yesterday's post. One or both of these days could hold to this, but again..more will be revealed when tomorrow dawns. 

BEYOND: It continues to appear the deeper easterlies will set up, but somewhat moist. Monday and Tuesday (Sunday as well) will harvest thunder well inland  and toward the west coast ; going later into the week a better chance of ocean east coast showers or rains but isolated in manner. West coast sea breeze might have too difficult a time to result in storms on that side of the state as well beyond Tuesday. This is the trend that is then advertised at this point to continue through to the end of the month in various forms contingent upon easterly moisture surges.  

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