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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Phreaky Phantom Phront To Pass Overhead Today

Image: Interesting satellite image this morning clearly delineates the cold frontal boundary stretched East/West across the Gulf, Florida, and into the Atlantic Ocean. This boundary is dropping steadily south at about 15mph.

TODAY: Southwesterly winds early to shift to the NW once the cold front passes. At this point, timing would place passage across the Orlando to KSC line sometime around 10:30am. Radar does show very light rain associated with the boundary, but believe it is not reaching the ground, but if it is you'd hardly notice nor need to fret, let alone, prepare for it. By midafternoon winds will be NW and continued breezy with a high temperature probably not reaching 70F.

TONIGHT: Pretty darned cold, with the worst yet to come. Lows in the mid-upper 30s area wide except the A1A corridor from Cape Canaveral south where low-mid 40s seems more reasonable. Winds will remain elevated tonight and into Monday, so the wind chill apparent temperature will be a real bug in the side. Cover up!

MONDAY-TUESDAY: Cold with temperatures well below what is considered 'normal' (whatever that means) for this time of year. I say this because at this time of year, temperatures can run in such a wide gamut of variability that 'normal' is a misleading disparity to reality, when in actuality a better word or words like "what you'd normally expect to experience over a 50 year average on a nice early December day"...which even then, although not exactly informative, might do better to serve us well.

I think sometimes these 'average' temperatures need to be re-evaluated by the NWS because over a period of time the 'average' bears little to no weight...maybe more precisely in statistics might usethe weighted average or norm. In any case, what we are trying to say is don't expect it to feel warm or even just kind of cool. It will be cold before 10am with freezing temperatures pretty much everywhere except along and east of A1A. Not good. But temperatures where it does get below freezing shouldn't stay down there to 9AM we'll all be above the 'blue lips...frozen finger tips" mark unless you've decided to take a skinny dip.

WEDNESDAY-NEXT WEEKEND: Continued 'abnormally cool in the afternoons and a bit cold for 'getting the morning paper in your skivvies' cold. No chance of rain or any appreciable weather activity whatsoever other than maybe some pretty sunsets.

THE GREAT BEYOND: No bigger cold spells in store, wont it to get colder than it already will. What'd you expect, snow? Have it folks up there in the great white tundra of N. Georgia.

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