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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Chance of Showers Late / Maybe Thunder Over Night - Then Dry for Quite Some Time

A Little ' Messy in the Bloom'  for this Busy Body

TODAY: Breezy easterly flow today will become more southeast to south and eventually southwest into Thursday. Comfortably moderate temperatures otherwise.

NOW - THURSDAY MORNING: A few showers along far Southern Tip of state from leading edge of a band of moisture as seen in visible satellite image (below) . This moisture will wrap around the western fringes of high pressure and work north and eventually toward the east side of the state possibly as far north as I-4 overnight into early Thursday morning.

Latest guidance shows quite a bit of bulk shear in the mid levels and NAM shows ample helicity from surface to 3km that might keep shower activity going if not even thunder under the presence of cold air aloft (though suspect most guidance might be a little over done). 

Latest RAP/GFS/NAM all show shower activity though at least as far as Brevard County /Volusia line after dark possible anytime from around 9pm - 6AM Thursday morning with some continued cloud cover into at least to mid-morning. Given some of the parameters included the remote chance of thunder toward the East Coast of namely Brevard/Indian River Counties as a starter though discussion all refer to any potential remaining off the coast over the Gulf Stream .

THURSDAY - FRIDAY: More than one frontal boundary will be passing down the state in the next 3 days so will not get into timing of said boundaries as they will go through more than likely 'dry' and near 'backdoor types' as the previous front did. Most will not be aware of a frontal boundary that went through yesterday (for example). Thursday should be warmer than today with wind  from the Southwest  ..and again cooler Friday morning due to westerly morning winds most noticeable toward the east coast.   Friday though a cool start but nothing much cooler than recent days with a north wind even still will again be warm with highs in the mid-70Fs to lower 80Fs mainly away from the coast.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY: This period will be  cooler 24/7 with northerly winds eventually becoming northeast to east with time. Appears two fronts to go through during this time but nothing too unusual   . It has appeared that the period from Saturday through Sunday mid-morning will be the coolest time frame altogether though.

BEYOND: Not much to speak of other than a slow warm up to normal but very dry . We 'might' (emphasis) be entering a 'pre-wet season dry slot' that has occurred in the past outside of a few random days of sea breeze convergence cloud cover or rain showers. Most years later in April never fails to disappoint with a good storm or two, though very isolated. The same often holds true for May. Time will tell.

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