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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tropical Wave Next Week to Affect Florida?

GFS Depiction of "Precipitable Water" throughout the "Atmospheric Weather Producing Column" has been showing something similar to the above depiction for two straight days, coupled with what looks 'like' a bona fide easterly wave
TODAY - FRIDAY: Little change from the past days with a slight increase in moisture/humidity going into Friday specifically. Otherwise, winds in the afternoon becoming more Southeast with time and a little stronger than past days as well beginning Thursady.

SATURDAY: A slight surge in moisture from the ESE to SE is so far shown to work up the East Coast and more of the state beginning after midnight Friday night to be fully in place across at least the South half of the state by early afternoon, Saturday. Chance of showers mostly with this activity though some thunder might not be able to be ruled out. So far, this looks like a 'one-day' affair as the moisture is drawn further north and west, out of the picture, though some showers could continue over the weekend toward the west 1/2 of the state.

SUNDAY/MONDAY: So far, looks more like back to status quo of little rain chance but all eyes are now on watching this 'easterly wave' type looking 'thing' coming from the tropics region . The GFS has shown this for 6 straight runs now, and shows no sign of that ending so far. Just exactly what will happen with whatever it is finally decided to be by "Them" is unknown...but guidance continues to be a little bouncy concerning whether the moisture will make it to Florida before a cold front from the Plains sweeps in and pulls it all out to the north. It'll be a race with time is what it appears to be, but so far the GFS says the 'wave' wins out. 

The latest GFS run from 2AM EDT (06Z) goes so far as showing a resultant weak surface low forming over South Central Florida  the following day making for a big rain shower/ thunderstorm day on Wednesday beginning in the mid-late morning through late afternoon.  

But, beyond Wednesday, the front having gone through, it's back to dry weather and little more to speak of.

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