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Friday, June 3, 2011

Florida's Typical Thunderstorm Season Could Begin by NEXT Weekend

This Image (per the GFS Model) Indicates that a surface ridge of high pressure could be established across the peninsula firmly by June 11th or 12th. The forecast indicates that from this point on the ridge might hold for a number of days. Long enough to consider this as being the onset of the 'wet season' in some form

NEXT BEST CHANCE OF RAIN: The next chance of rain and thunderstorms arrives, per latest guidance on Sunday for a portion of North and North Central Florida Florida Sunday or Monday afternoon from near Daytona Beach and through the interior of North Central Florida...possibly clipping the east coast as far south as the Cape area. This is mainly in prelude to a 'supposed' cool front that is expected to from off the coast of North Carolina. The front will then provide a better chance for showers and thunder across even the Exceptional Drought Stricken portion of Southeast Florida the following day. The exact day(s) will need refinement..but it  does look that this will occur in the Sunday and Monday time frame (perhaps Tuesday).

Any reader of the author's posting will know that this is fun news to arrive home from after being in the Plains for two weeks. South Florida needs some rain in any form!

After this point the remainder of the week for South Florida could be dry, other than perhaps some morning ocean showers.

START OF THUNDERSTORM SEASON ("Wet Season"): Getting within range now on the GFS to NEXT weekend, the GFS is trending for the long awaited ( by some) thunderstorm season that Floridian's have long become familiar with. The pattern currently depicted would favor both coasts from time to time, although implications are to favor the East Side of the state for late afternoon/early evening activity, as well as the west coast earlier in the day.  

TROPICS: No threat of any tropical activity is being portrayed by the GFS at this time within a reasonable time frame worth mention.

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