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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dream On - The Rain Gauge Is Forgetting How To Work!

What is it with the weather around here lately? Water, water everywhere..but not a drop in the old rain gauge bucket...sigh. And there is no change in the near term either.

A high pressure ridge axis still extends from the Appalachians southward across the eastern Florida peninsulas this morning. The KSC morning sounding hasn't shown up on the website; perhaps they decided it wasn't worth the hassle....just kidding. Nevertheless, based on what the models are showing...and what has transpired the past two days, I see no reason why the tune should change dramatically for today. It will take a Jeannie to change things.

Hence, expect another day like yesterday, although it might be a tad warmer.

Not so sure how well the west half of the state will fair though. They could still be in for some rain showers but actual STORMS will be lacking due to unfavorable upper level parameters: lack of appropriately colder air aloft and no lifting mechanisms such as positive vorticity advection. They will have slightly more moist air aloft, but that's it.

What first appeared may be a change by Friday does not look as likely now. In fact, it could be well into the beginning of next week before we see ample moisture at all levels to bring on the rain. And when it does, it will be coming off the ocean....which means it will be falling in the late afternoon into the mid-morning time frame of the next day.

So enjoy the sun and pack away the umbrellas...because summer thunderstorm season is over, not to say we still can't get them...but the 'season' is over for all intensive purposes.