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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Strong Wind Gusts/ Lightning Possible Near Beaches in Any Storm

Arcus Cloud or sometimes referred to as a  'Gust Front'  from Leading Edge of Rain Cooled air mixing with the sea-breeze (above) at Cape Canaveral on Monday. This 'front' extended well to the South and north as well

TODAY: Mid-level low is positioned over the NE Gulf and appears will drop southward just a bit during the day before eventually eroding through Wednesday. Meanwhile, low and mid level ridge axis is across South Florida . Between the two a general WSW-SW flow is at hand as expected with a shallow sea breeze having penetrated coastal communities from Miami to at least as far north as Cape Canaveral running up toward the Industrial Area on the Space Center. An area of showers that was over the waters off the coast of the Big Bend and south appears to have collapsed and sent an outflow boundary of rain cooled air eastward and is now manifesting as a line of showers and some thunder as well. Strong activity does not appear for the most part to be at play with this activity.

Further south from near The KSC along the east coast is a different atmospheric story where mid-level dry air (especially south of Melbourne) but respectable low level moisture is generating some storm activity along the Lake Breeze and near shore waters, seemingly as a result of outflow from an offshore cluster for storms early on.

In summation, prevailing SW steering to meet the sea breeze very close to the coast in an environment suitable for an isolated storm or two containing some wicked lightning and brief strong winds, but this activity might for the most part move rapidly offshore after developing if it does at all. Stronger activity, IF there is any are noted in red as a starting but not all inclusive example, especially after 5pm. Weather permitting.

Image showering rain-cooled outflow near Big Bend by dashed yellow. In orange any thunder will be very isolated, but as boundaries interact there could be momentary but brief increases in lightning or coverage during the afternoon.
Enhanced Progression of the west coast sea breeze from the outflow puts activity south of SR528 a bit later in the day than further north with a chance of a 'freak interaction'  somewhere from Port Canaveral, Port St. John, Titusville, Launch Pads zone if not a bit further south.  Already activity in place further south with boundaries to approach far South Brevard and the general West Palm area. Any activity near Miami and south if it can manifest could be strong, but this area might clear out too soon with the west and east coast sea breeze meeting too early on in the day.

"Arcus Cloud" Some Might Call This, Other's A Gust Front (non-technical term). Port Canaveral on Monday. "Shelf cloud" would technically be incorrect.
BEYOND: Much drier air to below seasonal norms over the Florida peninsula through the mid-levels with warmer than normal east coastal and east side of the state temperatures to prevail with delayed sea breezes each day, or perhaps none at all Wednesday and/or Thursday. Chances are though, the zones along US1 toward A1A will find the relief by noon time or so with inland zones not catching a break.  Any rain or storm activity (isolated at best) will require late afternoon to early evening sea breeze convergence to even materialize except along I-10 which will occur closer to the east coast than usual. This appears will remain the case through the weekend at the rate we are reading now.
Through The Lens under the whale's mouth of a Florida East coast thunderstorm

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