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Friday, July 26, 2013

Late West Central Interior Thunder Possible - Return to "Normal" Saturday

"SUSPICIOUS CLOUDS!" (Cocoa Beach  Looking South )
TODAY: Image above is from Wednesday afternoon as a weakened but earlier severe warned thunderstorm exits the Florida east coast producing this tornado appearance like appendage. (alas,it was but a cloud formation). Otherwise, the 'cold front' discussed in earlier posts not only made it to Central Georgia, but Central Florida and continues south early this Friday afternoon. Weak low pressure circulation near Canaveral earlier is translating south and east today with a trough extending from it. Beyond that boundary nearest the low circulation are NE winds and drier air . Thus, near zero rain chances along the east coast north of the boundary. East Coast and West Coast sea breezes though will set up as we enter  near COL conditions late today being directly affected by neither a ridge nor trough at any level or nearly so.

Here we see what was a front off the Florida east coast and another front working through the Eastern Plains into the Midwest and the Mississippi River Valley Basin. Another 'parent low' is up by James Bay in the next few days. The 'front' over Florida will undergo complete disintegration  today and over night with a return to more sea breeze like  conditions with a light east to west steering making for a better chance of thunder closer to the interior and east side late Saturday. Today, a sea breeze collision could occur late toward Route 27 west of the Orlando area (for instance).

SATURDAY/MONDAY: Return to early-mid afternoon to early evening thunder contingent on the usual factors of what time the sea breezes will set in, where they will collide and what effect outflows from them will dictate the next storm to form. Movement toward the east around 8-12 mph. Another trough approaches with energy associated with it, currently located as shown above to Florida's NW.


DORIAN STORM: Guidance is trending south and the verdict so far is that the storm is either sheared apart during passage over or before approaching The Dominican Republic. There is also dry air ahead of the storm; lest the storm remain north of that area, Dorian is Doomed. Otherwise  the storm could reach the Florida east coast, so far as it appears as a perhaps a tropical storm. Regardless, many eyes are out 'there' watching Dorian as The Storm explores the High Seas resulting in the Wishcasting of many forecasters nets.

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